Candidate Announced: Kris McGurk for Calton Ward, Glasgow

March 27, 2017

(NOTE: We contested this election under our old name 'A Better Britain - Unionist Party')


We are pleased to announce that Kris McGurk will be contesting Calton Ward, Glasgow's Ward 9. To introduce him as a candidate, below is a short Q&A style interview to give a little information on why Kris is standing, what he is standing for and what he will offer the constituents of Ward 9.



1. Tell us a little about yourself.


I am 25 years old and currently live in the East End of Glasgow.  I attended secondary school in Dumbarton and also studied a little in Canada.  I am a keen political activist and have been known to campaign on many issues.  I served as an Infantry Soldier in the British Army and since leaving have worked in both Customer Service and Security.  I enjoy spending time with my four young kids and soon to be wife, playing the Bagpipes and writing.


2. Why did you decide to stand for the Unionist Party?

I have watched Unionist Party growing since its formation and have been impressed and encouraged by their principles and long term plans.  I was extremely encouraged by the numbers who voted for the party in 2015. Taking into consideration the party did not run a campaign as it was just starting out, to poll just behind Parties who spent thousands of pounds on reaching voters was pleasing.

I started reaching out to voters in my constituency in January; my plan was to stand as an Independent.  I decided to join Unionist Party and stand as a candidate as I believe Scotland is divided by the SNP and their agenda for an independent Scotland at any cost, even if those costs would be catastrophic for us as a country.  Nationalists are standing up; they have a strong voice promoting a weak argument.  I want to stand up to the SNP; I want to stand up proudly for the Union and Unionists.  I could not go into this election as an independent now that the SNP have confirmed they will not stop on their destructive path, I could not afford to not stand up tall and proud to promote the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. 


3. What is your political background?

This is my first time standing in an election. Prior to making this decision I have backed other candidates and helped campaign to have them elected.  I have campaigned in all elections from Westminster to Holyrood, from by-elections and local government elections to referendums.

I was heavily involved in the Better Together campaign as well as working with four local ‘Vote No’ community action groups.  I campaigned strongly for Brexit.  I, like many people in the United Kingdom prior to the Brexit question being asked, did not know much about the European Union.  I researched tirelessly, desperately trying to understand the question being asked of me as a voter, a British worker and a parent.  I believed and still do believe that a United Kingdom out of the EU will be strong.  We will be the Lion among Sheep and once we grow to new strengths I believe we will Shepherd those Sheep and be a shining example of how things should be done.  We just need the right people in the right places to take us there.


4. What would you do for your constituents in the ward?

As a local man I will be concentrating on local issues.  If it affects my constituents, I will be there to fix it.  I strongly believe my constituents should have seen much more improvement after the Commonwealth Games.  Promises were made before the Commonwealth Games to those living within the Ward, and I will set up to ensure those promises are delivered.

I will be the voice of the area, every single voice.  If I get elected I will be powered by the Community, driven by them and steered by them.  We all believe in a better Ward, I believe I am the man who will deliver the needs of our area.  Regardless of the issue, I’ll take it and do everything I can to resolve it – that’s a promise.


5. How confident are you about the election?


People commonly vote for a party regardless of whose name is written next to it on the ballot paper.  This is most dangerous at local Council level.  That name beside the party is the person who will be responsible for everything in the area.  The individuals being voted to look after our Council areas should be hugely important to every single one of us.  I need voters to see the individual and not the party.  If I can do that I am confident I can do well.

All I can do is try and present my views and my commitment as best I can and leave the rest to the voters.

The Unionist Party is growing, and as we grow our voice will grow and the result of that growing voice should hopefully be growing support for our values and principles.

I am looking forward to the campaign picking up momentum in the coming weeks.



If you would like to help out with Kris's campaign, find out more about candidates in your area or even consider standing yourself, please get in touch with us through the 'Contact Us' section of this website.

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