British Union & Sovereignty Party

October 23, 2017



Following on from our very strong result in the Fortissat by-election where we defeated the SNP and polled a quarter of the vote, we have finally been able to implement a name change which has been in the pipeline for a few months, but which was delayed in order to avoid confusion while that election was contested.


Our new name British Union & Sovereignty Party, or Union & Sovereignty for short, sets us apart from all the mainstream unionist parties in Scotland by highlighting our pro-Brexit stance, and our traditional British-orientated, anti-devolution brand of unionism. We felt it was particularly important that our name clearly conveyed both these things to voters.


In the year-and-a-half in which we used our old name A Better Britain – Unionist Party, or Unionist Party for short, we polled some strong results including 2,453 votes in Glasgow Region in the 2016 Scottish parliamentary election, and more recently defeating the SNP in the Fortissat by-election last month.


While this old name served us well at the time, we did have to use the full and rather cumbersome official title on ballot papers, and we found also that there was occasional confusion amongst voters between ourselves and the Conservatives. Because of this, and a more general desire to clearly set ourselves apart from other parties, we decided to go ahead with a name change.


We look forward to our future as Union & Sovereignty, and to building upon the strong results we have achieved already.

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