British Coal

January 12, 2018

This is part of our series on the need to restore our industrial base and a serious national infrastructure.


Renewable energy subsidies are lining the pockets of wealthy investors while thousands are losing out on employment and paying bloated energy bills due to outrageous green taxes. The government pegs carbon at £23 a tonne - nearly five times its market value.


Our capacity margin has also halved in just a few years since 2012, and the risk of blackouts is now becoming very real. It is clear that renewable sources of energy cannot at this point in time meet our needs; those that exist are already massively subsidised with taxpayer's money.


We support clean and renewable energy in cases where it is viable. However we can no longer continue to  cripple our own energy industry, waste our vast natural energy resources within these isles, waste thousands of jobs, leave households with crippling heating bills and depend on a highly precarious energy supply that still ends up being reliant on imported coal to get through harsh winters or peak usage periods.


For all the green energy initiatives, we have imported enormous quantities of coal from China and other developing countries every year since we closed our mines. And despite all the massive drawbacks we have endured, the impact of our 'green' policies are rendered redundant by the eye-watering and ever-growing carbon footprint of the industrialising developing world.


We support reintroducing coal and restoring coal power stations across the UK, just like other countries like Germany have done recently (Germany has opened over 10 gigawatts of new coal fired power plants in recent years). Having picked up from where we left off in the 80s, Australia now employs many more coal miners than they did back then (around 40,000 as of 2016) and exports huge amounts of coal at considerable profit.


We must restore our national energy infrastructure by restoring a self-sufficient, affordable supply of energy and bringing energy generation and transmission back under public control.

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