French-made Passports and the Perversion of Brexit

March 26, 2018


We are appalled, but not surprised by the decision of the current government to hand a contract for the production of British passports to French company Gemalto.


Passports were always a symbolic and emotive issue; to many the return of the old dark blue passport, without reference to the European Union, would have been a symbol of the reclamation of our national sovereignty. Instead, the new French-made passports will symbolise how superficial any eventual 'exit' will be under the current political class, and how it not only betrays but totally perverts the sentiments of the average Leave voter.


We have warned in past articles that the sort of exit championed by the Jacob Rees-Moggs, Arron Banks, Priti Patels, Henry Boltons, Daniel Hannans, John Rees-Evans and Boris Johnsons of this world is motivated by polar opposite sentiments to those of the average Leave voter in Sunderland, Bolton, Swansea or Peterhead. To these voters the Brexit vote was a rejection of globalisation; of the excesses of global finance; of the unfettered free movement of goods, capital and labour embodied in the Single Market.


To the political leaders championing our exit from the EU, their concerns with the EU are the direct opposite. Their criticism of the EU is that it actually hinders global free movement of goods, capital and labour by restricting it to Europe and forbidding EU countries from making similar deals with other countries across the globe. This was always evident in their rhetoric of a 'global Britain' and an 'outward looking' Brexit emphasising 'competitiveness' and the need to strike free trade deals across the developing world.


It is not enough for them that British workers and manufacturers have to compete with cheap labour and goods in Eastern Europe; they will have us competing with labour and goods in the sweatshops of Malawi and Bangalore with their abolition of tariffs and new trade agreements. Their vision of Brexit is one of continued de-industrialisation, continued globalisation, a continued decline and disinterest in national self-sufficiency and the fantasy of a finance and service economy which doesn't exist outside city centres.  

Their plans for a globalist Brexit are exemplified by the decision to hand the production of British passports to French company Gemalto on the grounds that it undercut its British competitors by £50 million. It fits entirely with their rhetoric of free trade, competiveness and an 'outward looking' Brexit.


It may be that they backtrack over that particular contract in the face of public pressure, but it is typical of the way in which the Brexit vote is being perverted and of the path they intend on taking the country down.


The British Union & Sovereignty Party maintain that the only way we can meaningfully reclaim our national sovereignty is through fully leaving the EU and all of its mechanisms, and by using the decision-making powers restored to the British people in order to pursue an entirely new national direction to the one we have been taken down over the past 50 years.


If our exit from the EU is to have any real value, we must use that restoration of national sovereignty to reinstate the integrity of our national borders, rebuild a serious national industrial economy and do so as part of a broader programme of national restoration to restore Britain's constitutional, governmental, economic, social and moral foundations.

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