We Must Rebuild Britain

April 12, 2018


For many years now the mainstream political parties have held the view that the United Kingdom  can exist as little more than a loose constitutional arrangement, and that all the hallmarks of nationhood can be discarded.


They told us that we do not need a common national culture rooted in a common history and expressed in common values, and that 'Britishness' meant nothing more than an acceptance of all the cultures of the world. They told us that we do not need a serious national economy or infrastructure, but that globalisation and market forces would allow corporations to overtake the role of the state, and that we would be better off for it. They told us that society and the family are old-fashioned and even oppressive, and that the individual is all that matters. They told us that our parliament need not be sovereign, but that we would be better off as a region of a European politico-economic technocracy. Eventually they even told us that we do not need a common national parliament, but that the 'peoples' of the UK could be governed by multiple parliaments each pursuing their own national direction.


They cloaked all these things in the language of moderation and compromise; they said they were the next inevitable step in the march of history, and that to oppose them was therefore regressive or reactionary. Yet the truth is that these things were tantamount to a revolution that has changed our country beyond recognition in a few short decades; a revolution not waged by bellowing tyrants or fiery rebels, but by the well-dressed, well-mannered and outwardly respectable Roy Jenkins, Edward Heaths and Tony Blairs of this world.


The fruit of this revolution can be seen in everything from the grooming gangs which operate with impunity across England to the constitutional neverendum which holds the people of Scotland hostage. It has left us a deeply broken country and one whose very existence is under constant threat: something that would have been unthinkable a generation ago.


We stand on a broad manifesto to restore the constitutional, economic, social and moral fabric of the United Kingdom because such a broad manifesto is necessary in order to actively reverse the revolution which has so changed our country beyond recognition.  We must restore our constitutional unity expressed in a single national parliament. We must restore the social fabric including the family unit and our common traditional British values. We must rebuild our national industry and infrastructure. And we must reclaim our sovereignty through the repeal by parliament of the European Communities Act 1972.

It is only by doing all of these things that we can put an end to decades of chaos and disintegration and truly begin to rebuild Britain.

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