We Must Restore our National Foundations

May 14, 2018


There was a period in the late 60s when a cross-party cabal of MPs ushered in a number of fundamental reforms, often through private member's bills with no manifesto mandate, which changed our society beyond recognition.


It was tantamount to a revolutionary programme to flip all of our national values on their heads, and to remove the foundations upon which our way of life had been built. Gone was our old national character founded upon patriotism, our unitary parliamentary constitution, our quiet and reserved yet deeply entrenched Christian ethos and a broad range of values, norms and institutions which were shared across the UK. That old order was to be replaced with a new 'progressive' order rooted in the mantras of 'tolerance', 'equality' and 'diversity' so cherished by the cabal of Oxbridge-educated metropolitan elites which pushed it through parliament.


The education system was amongst the first targets for the revolutionaries. The old tripartite system of grammar, technical and vocational schools violated the revolutionaries' zeal for 'equality', and was therefore replaced with a uniform system of comprehensives which were rolled out nationwide from 1965. Our justice system, which was deemed insufficiently 'progressive', was also overhauled with a new 'soft' approach from 1967, most notably through the introduction of suspended sentences. Our homogenous and intimate society was judged insufficiently 'diverse', and thus our borders were opened to global mass immigration from the late 60s and a new multicultural order was ushered in. The traditional family unit, a deep affront to the whole revolutionary programme of tolerance, equality and diversity, was attacked with particular vigour, seen for example through the introduction of no-fault divorce in 1969 which rendered marriage vows meaningless and crippled the stability of the family unit.


These are just a few examples of the wholesale and concerted assault upon our national character and our way of life which paved the way for the destruction of our very integrity as a nation. It was just a few short years after this cultural revolution that Britain was dragged into the European Economic Community in 1973; two years later the referendum device was introduced on a national basis; another four years after that our unitary constitution was for the first time challenged through the devolution referendums in Scotland and Wales.


It is only in recent years however that the consequences of the cultural revolution have reached their chaotic apex. It is only in a society where justice has been marginalised that the old leadership of the IRA could become joint rulers in Northern Ireland. It is only in a country which has abandoned its unitary constitution and its parliamentary process that we could witness such a farce as the Scottish 'neverendum'. It is only in a country which has abandoned its sense of integrity and its social bonds that its own people could become a minority in their towns and cities as they now are in many parts of England; their children victims to grooming gangs who operate at times unchallenged by a police force more concerned about avoiding offence than protecting the vulnerable.


The destruction of our constitutional, social and moral foundations has left us a deeply broken nation. The only remedy to our current situation is for a new political party to offer an alternative to the ruinous revolutionary road we have been dragged down, and to stand on a broad manifesto to restore our country.

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