We Must Restore our Traditional Values & Liberties

June 6, 2018


A striking feature of the current British political scene is the total absence of any political party or movement advocating for the traditional values and liberties that this country was built upon. Many have a vague sense that the country is "going to the dogs" and that in a number of ways life seems less fulfilling, less stable and less balanced (if not less easy) than it used to be.


The rise of various ideas and movements that are crudely bundled together as the 'alt-right' tap to some extent into these sentiments. Groups like the Football Lads Alliance and those who march for the release of Tommy Robinson come overwhelmingly from a very specific demographic: white working-class men who feel particularly disenfranchised in the 'new Britain'. Ever since the conservative Right was hijacked by internationalist social and market liberals, this is the demographic that has suffered through a process, now largely complete, of the systematic destruction of traditional models of industry, community, family and our national values that underpinned them. They are poor and have few prospects, yet the cultural Left tells them that they are privileged and that they are the oppressors. Today's white working-class suffer the dual cruelties of poverty and low economic and social status while at the same time being castigated as the beneficiaries of a supposedly unjust system. And the people that tell them this, generally university-educated champagne socialists, are often far wealthier and just as white as they are.


It is understandable that in this highly charged atmosphere of identity politics, disenfranchised working-class men should latch onto the issue of Islamisation which is taking place in many of Britain's towns and cities. Grooming gangs in particular are a horrific consequence of a deeply broken society, and the fact that they could often operate freely in the full knowledge of local authorities is despicable.


That the ordinary British people are now beginning to challenge these things in a very vocal and visual way is a thing to be welcomed and supported. But the fact that (small 'c') conservative patriots are currently focused almost entirely on Islam, while a raft of other fundamental changes take place unchallenged, shows just how much ground we have conceded.


There is currently no opposition to the broad cultural revolution that changed our country beyond recognition from the late 60s onwards, and 'alt-right' personalities generally have no interest in it. There is no conservative voice in British politics speaking up for traditional values, for the importance of the family unit and of mothers and fathers; no voice challenging no-fault divorce or abortion on demand. There is no challenge to the sexual revolution or its offshoot the gender revolution. There is no voice speaking up for the integrity of the British nation state against the forces of globalisation. No traditional unionist voice standing up for Britain's unitary constitution against the balkanisation of devolution. No traditional constitutional voice to maintain the importance of our representative parliamentary democracy against the abuse of the referendum device. No old-fashioned Tory to speak up for that old bedrock of British independence and liberty: the local shopkeeper or the local artisan (this local and intimate capitalism was a world away from the global finance of CEOs and multinationals now so beloved by Blairites whether Labour, Conservative or SNP).


When there is such a dearth of broad conservative opposition to what is going on in our country, it is impossible to make strategic challenges on single issues. Consider the issue of 'Brexit'. UKIP have now almost entirely latched onto the same globalist vision of Brexit outlined by the Conservative Party: a Brexit defined by a "global Britain" that we are told will be outward looking and seek to bring down borders with the rest of the world when free of the EU's customs union. In other words, a Brexit defined by the outsourcing of British industry to the third world, price competition with the sweatshops of Bangladesh and the opening upon of our borders to the wider world: a Brexit that is a continuation, and even an expansion of what we endured under the EU, rather than a reversal of it. It's the polar opposite of the sentiments behind the average Leave voter: those who wish to restore restrictions on the movement of goods and people into Britain. This is not a symptom of some sort of rise of a new modern xenophobia; it is simply an ordinary function of the nation state. In the absence of a coherent conservative philosophy, the leaders of the 'Brexit' movement, the pro-mass immigration Daniel Hannan's, Boris Johnson's and Priti Patel's of this world, will continue to flail about wildly and betray the average Leave voter.


All this is why there must be a revival of our traditional values and liberties within the United Kingdom. For fifty years our constitutional, economic, social and moral foundations have been systematically eroded and dismantled. What happened was a broad revolution against everything this country used to be, and it follows that we can only restore our country with an equally broad counter-revolution. Conservative patriots therefore must reject a single issue approach based on matters like Islamisation or leaving the EU, not because we fail to see the importance of these issues, but the opposite: because we recognise that matters of such magnitude can only be tackled by a conservative and patriotic opposition that has its own house in order, and can address the difficult issues of the day from strong foundations. We must be prepared to stand on a broad manifesto of opposition to what has been done to our country. Without these foundations, all our efforts will be in vain and this is why, more than ever, we need a coherent conservative and patriotic opposition to secure our exit from the EU and rebuild our country.

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