Over 1 Million Scots for Brexit Ignored at Holyrood

March 27, 2018


We took our pro-Brexit message to the Holyrood establishment last Thursday and distributed leaflets highlighting the fact that over one million Scots who voted Leave have been entirely ignored by the cabal of Europhile MSPs.


Pictures of our leafleting event can be viewed at this link. You can read the content from our leaflet below:


Over 1 million Scots, or roughly 2 in 5 of those who voted in the EU referendum in June 2016 voted to Leave the EU. This means more Scots voted for Brexit than for the SNP at the latest General Election!

But in the Holyrood echo chamber, only 5 out of 129 MSPs backed the Leave campaign. None of the parties at Holyrood are giving a voice to the huge numbers of Scots who back Britain's exit from the EU.

The Scottish parliament is supposed to be broadly reflective of public opinion across Scotland, and to give representation to majority and minority views. But right now it is failing to do this.

In fact, the balance of pro/anti-EU MPs at Westminster means our British parliament is much more representative of Scottish views on the EU!

We want to remind MSPs of some of the positive arguments for leaving the EU, and the benefits it will bring to Scotland and the whole UK.


  • We would take back the power to make our own laws from Brussels bureaucrats


  • We would save billions in net contributions that Britain has been making to the EU every year


  • We would save our fishermen from the disastrous Common Fisheries Policy


  • We would be free to support our own industries without the EU's competition laws


  • We would regain control of our borders and be able to implement sensible immigration controls


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