It is Christianity, not Islam, that is Under Attack in Britain

August 14, 2018


While Boris Johnson's throwaway comment about burqas caused the predictable reaction from the usual virtue-signalling suspects, little thought has been given to the very real and institutionalised campaign against Christianity which has been underway in Britain now for several decades. As a Christian country, this ought to be of prime concern.


Outright discrimination is an important part of the story. Consider the case of Sarah Kuteh, a nurse who was sacked for offering to pray for patients, even though it was part of her job to ask pre-surgery patients about their own religion. Then there is the pro-life charity which was forbidden from hosting a stall at a council-run country show, on the grounds that its beliefs went "against council values"; an admission that the council was explicitly pro-abortion and would not tolerate any contrary opinions. Oxford University's Balliol College banned the Christian Union from participating in its freshers' fair, despite a range of stalls from LGBT to Islamic groups being welcomed; this outright discrimination is particularly significant at publicly-funded institutions like universities. A Catholic priest was removed from his post as chaplain at Glasgow Caledonian University for holding a rosary of “reparation for the gross offence to God which is Pride Glasgow”, despite the fact he did so at his own church and not in any sort of capacity as university chaplain. The message is clear: it is not enough to toe the equality and diversity line at work; you must conform even in your private life.


Meanwhile, even Guardian commentators came out in support of Ashers Bakery after the Equality Commission sued them for refusing to bake a custom cake with the explicitly political slogan "Support gay marriage" iced onto the top. As Christians with traditional views on marriage, the message naturally ran contrary to the beliefs of the bakery's owners. They were found guilty of discrimination, and have since faced not just legal ramifications but the social sanction of retailers reviewing whether or not to continue to stock their products.


What is particularly noteworthy is the double standards employed when compared with other faiths; Islam in particular. This is largely because the same liberal-left elements who seem to see themselves as the guardians of Islam in Britain are the very same people who have a quite intense loathing of Christianity. The hypocrisy is clear. One the one hand, Christian nurse Shirley Chaplin was removed from duty on the wards at Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital simply for wearing a cross. On the other hand, many UK police forces  have gone so far as to incorporate the hijab as an optional extra into their uniforms, while other items of religious clothing such as turbans are also permitted. A small piece of jewellery like a cross seems much more discreet than either a hijab or a turban, but nobody questions the doublethink.


The truth however is that these particular cases of discrimination pale in comparison compared to the decades-long campaign by  successive governments to eradicate all Christian influences from our society and our national character, and to transition into the new secular, multicultural utopia which they envision. From the introduction of no-fault divorce and abortion on demand in the cultural revolution of the late 60s, to the current concerted campaign to erase all concepts of gender, the traditional Christian values which our country and our way of life was built upon have been under siege by the liberal, cosmopolitan political elite.


This is why it is abundantly clear that it is Christianity, and not Islam that is under attack in our country. Those who relish the collapse of cultural Christianity within Britain should think hard about what may come to replace it.


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