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August 28, 2018


For the first time in decades, there will be a party prepared to stand candidates on a broad manifesto to reclaim the Britain that we used to know: sovereign, industrial, unitary and traditional.


Opposition to what the political class has done to our country has been growing in recent years, but it is currently fractured between many parties that are effectively single-issue pressure groups, focusing purely on matters like the EU or immigration. These are indeed very important matters, but they cannot be addressed in isolation. Single-issue parties have never been electable and they never will be, regardless of whether they splinter or unite with one another.


We believe that if there is to be a serious parliamentary breakthrough, there must be something much more substantial than this. That is why we stand on a broad manifesto to wholesale reject the destructive politics of the past fifty years, and to rebuild Britain's constitutional, economic, social and moral foundations.

The next General Election will be the first time in decades that a party will be there to stand on this broad manifesto to Rebuild Britain and reclaim the country that we used to know. If you are interested in becoming a candidate or getting involved in other ways, then please get in touch, because a snap election could happen at any time.


We are reaching the tipping point now, where that if a serious parliamentary opposition party does not begin to emerge, then Britain will be lost.


Don't let that happen.



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