Party Statement: A Way Forward After May's Brexit Betrayal

November 19, 2018


All those who wish to see an independent, sovereign Britain are understandably dismayed by Theresa May's 'Brexit' proposals. So many from within Britain's silent anti-EU majority threw their weight behind May in the hope that she would live up to her rhetoric and deliver a clean exit from the EU. They are now left wondering what on earth the way forward could be, when parliament has a strong majority of pro-Remain MPs and the Conservative parliamentary party itself is mostly either loyal to Theresa May or outright anti-Brexit fanatics like Anna Soubry.


For us as a party, the way forward is clear and indeed has not changed. Almost two full years ago, when many were backing Theresa May as the strong pro-Brexit choice, we argued that she could not deliver a clean exit from the European Union; she was personally opposed to it, and so was the majority of her cabinet, of her MPs and of parliament as a whole. To us all the negotiations of the past two years, held on the EU's terms through the Article 50 process, have been a circus from which we have kept our distance, declining to endorse various supposedly pro-Brexit figures from within establishment parties. Indeed, even if the pro-Brexit minority of Conservative MPs had somehow been able to take power within the Conservative parliamentary party, we argued that they would still deliver a hollow Brexit, 'hard' Brexit though it may be.


We fully expected this betrayal, which was an inevitable consequence of using the referendum shortcut to address the issue of Europe; a method which divorced the issue from General Elections and thus allowed the old establishment to keep their seats at Westminster and retain control of the Brexit process. We argued this long ago, and pointed out that UKIP's original position was that the only way to leave the EU was to campaign as a potential party of government and elect a majority of anti-EU MPs.


This was and remains our position as a party, and it is the anchor which allows us to direct a way forward. All the fads have failed. The direct democracy/referendum shortcut fad has failed because it leaves the establishment in power to carry out (or as we have seen, to obstruct) the results of referenda. The Theresa May fad has failed in spectacular fashion. Other fads like Boris Johnson have fizzled out more quickly because it is clear that most Conservative MPs don't share their position on Brexit. The retreat into the fad of "counter jihad" street demos has left parties like UKIP and its splinter For Britain sitting on a few percentage points at the polls; that sort of punchy, single issue approach might be good for getting likes on Facebook or plugging book sales, but it is a dead end road when it comes to electoral politics.


The time for fads is over; what is needed now is the real deal. That is a party that will campaign to leave the EU through the repeal by parliament of the European Communities Act 1972, rather than negotiate on the EU's terms through the Article 50 process. A party that will address the forbidden issues like immigration, de-industrialisation, devolution, debt, cultural Marxism (as the moral anarchy of our age has been dubbed), and run serious election campaigns which address local and national issues in a respectable and intelligent way which will win voters, rather than scaring them away.


The Leave vote in June 2016 which shocked the establishment showed that there is a silent majority amongst the British public which is ready and waiting for a party that will stand for these sorts of values. It is now clear that a General Election is a real possibility. If you are fed up with the betrayal and the circus and want to do the serious business of building a party from the bottom up, take part in constructive electoral politics and are prepared to do the difficult business of playing the long game, then get in touch. We are the only party that stands on a substantial manifesto of opposition to the broad national direction we have been taken down in recent decades, and that advocates for a Britain that is sovereign, industrial, united, traditional and functional. A country that is recognisable to the one that we used to know.

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