Cultural Marxism is the Real Threat to Britain

November 28, 2018


For decades social conservatives have largely taken their eye off the ball and fixated on the hopelessly doddering, backwards and declining 'other' of industrial Marxism; a thing that could barely stand on its own two legs never mind pose a threat to the West. The spectre of the Soviet Union and our own domestic industrial squabbles blinded social conservatives to the radical cultural transformation which was taking place in the West itself, and which has now essentially triumphed. While they fretted about "reds under the bed"; about trade unions and nationalisation and Cold War espionage; they gave no heed to the real revolutionaries who were carrying out a social transformation as radical as anything ever attempted since the earliest days of the Soviet Union or Maoist China.


There was no intrigue or force involved in Britain's cultural revolution; that period from the late 60s when our constitutional, economic, social and moral foundations were very rapidly trashed, at first by a Labour government in which "moderates" such as Roy Jenkins were the dominant force. To begin with the revolution was quite silent; almost unnoticed outside the corridors of power at Westminster. It began life as a raft of rather dry sounding pieces of legislation, most of which was the result of private member's bills passed through cross-party support between Labour and Tory liberals.


In a few chaotic years in the late 60s there was an avalanche of 'progressive' legislation. The equality and diversity code entered into the education system and the civil service. Suspended sentences and early release by default heralded the era of soft-touch justice, while preventative policing fell out of favour and officers were increasingly taken off routine foot patrols. Grammar and technical schools gave way to the egalitarian comprehensive system; teachers were robbed of their authority and ideals of excellence and attainment abandoned, to be replaced with 'equality'. No-fault divorce and abortion on demand were introduced. Mothers were shovelled into low-pay work while their children were placed into the new childcare industry. Mass immigration facilitated the deliberate transition to a multicultural society. A few years later in 1973 we were taken into the EU, as nation states were deemed redundant in the Brave New World. The foundations of sovereign, Christian, industrial Britain were swept away, though it would take a generation or two for the effects to really filter down into society. As late as the late 80s is still sort of felt like the remnants of pre-revolutionary Britain remained strong enough to be politically and socially relevant, although that ceased to be the case by the time of the Major and Blair administrations.


These same trends continue to this day, although in a much more advanced form. Picking up where the Divorce Reform Act 1969 left off, the 'Conservative' government is currently working through plans to introduce immediate no-fault divorce on demand, making marriage vows entirely redundant. While the Abortion Act 1967 introduced abortion on demand through the NHS, just this year the Conservatives have legalised DIY abortions which can be carried out at home. While immigration levels were around 50,000 a year under Labour when Enoch Powell gave his famous "Rivers of Blood" speech in 1968, under the current Conservative government they have reached over 700,000 according to official government figures; higher than under any Labour government and fourteen times the figure when prompted Powell's speech. New fronts have been opened up since the 60s, seen for example in the current Conservative government's enthusiastic promotion of radical gender dogma and crackdown on the expression of anything that is not politically correct. The first wave of the anti-British, cultural Marxist revolution came under a Labour government; now it is being carried to its conclusion by the Conservatives. Swings and roundabouts I suppose.


The only party to exceed the cultural Marxist fervour of the Labour and Conservative parties is the SNP, who despite the UK-wide context of this article are worth a mention. The heavy-handed nature of the notorious Named Person scheme, which would insert a government agent into every family, caused massive concern amongst civil rights groups and the wider public. The Holyrood echo chamber has fostered a political culture in Scotland which is truly stifling. While travelling on the Glasgow subway last week, I read an advert addressed to "transphobes" (a nonsense term) informing them that they and their ideas are not welcome in Scotland. It was a Police Scotland advert, and they felt they had the authority to sign it "Yours, Scotland" (despite being a Scot I was never consulted about this; apparently the police speak for me). I was reading this as the carriage drew to a halt at the next station, and saw another advert on the platform, which informed me that I could get free condoms on the NHS from discrete locations, no questions asked. The Scottish 'government' has certainly taken it upon itself to facilitate the sexual revolution; indeed Scotland is set to become the first part of the UK to legally recognise a third gender.


Never mind the bogeymen of the industrial Left like Arthur Scargill or Michael Foot; the anti-British cultural revolution was carried out by slick, self-styled " moderates" and "social democrats" like Roy Jenkins and David Steel, and later by Tony Blair and now Conservatives like Cameron and May, not forgetting the various devo politicians. None of these individuals ever showed any interest in coal or steel or the things of the industrial Marxist bogeyman which the modern free market "Right" continues to flail against. This is why instinctive conservatives like Thatcher rather missed the point, and allowed the cultural Marxist agenda to roll on in their years in power unchallenged (none of the late 60s legislation was reversed) while overcompensating with an excessive campaign against industry; something that would bring about its own rather unconservative social side-effects as Britain transitioned to a shallow, debt-based service economy, robbed of its industrial foundations.


While our own political, media and civil establishment obsess about  transgenderism, the sexual revolution, third wave feminism, narratives of white privilege, aggressive secularism and multiculturalism, it is worth watching the below footage of Communist East Germany. I find it a very sobering reminder of just how hollow the West's victory in the Cold War may ultimately prove to be, and the rather amusing irony that not only was cultural Marxism the real threat all along, industrial Marxism actually shielded Eastern Europe from it. There are important lessons to be learned from that fact.



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