10 Reasons Why Sturgeon has No Right to Interfere with Brexit

January 18, 2019


Sturgeon is up to her usual tricks once again, this time calling not just for one new referendum, but for two. Now she wants the UK to hold another EU referendum on top of another referendum on Scottish independence. Sturgeon is the ultimate sore loser but unfortunately nobody is really taking her to task for her unwarranted interference in the Brexit process. We've therefore outlined ten reasons why Sturgeon has no right to interfere with Britain's exit from the EU.


1. She has no power on constitutional matters

As First Minister at the Holyrood devolved assembly, Sturgeon's competencies do not include constitutional matters, far less UK-wide constitutional matters such as leaving the EU. These are specifically reserved to the common British parliament at Westminster, which retains full and sole authority to legislate on Britain's exit from the EU.


2. She has no mandate on constitutional matters

Because these are specifically reserved to Westminster, a mandate can only be sought on them through a General Election. And the mandate given in the last General Election was a very clear one - 86% of MPs were elected on manifesto commitments to leave the EU, the Single Market and Customs Union, including all Conservative and Labour MPs.  By contrast as a devo-politician Sturgeon's mandate can only include devolved matters, given through a Holyrood election. This covers a wide range of issues including health and education, but it does not include a mandate on the Brexit process or, for that matter, Scottish independence.


3. There was a UK-wide vote for a UK-wide issue

Britain's exit from the EU is a UK-wide issue and is being implemented on the basis of a UK-wide vote. This refers not just to the Leave vote in the referendum of June 2016 but also the overwhelming mandate for a clean Brexit given by the electorate in the 2017 snap General Election. As a devo-politician whose powers and mandate are limited only to certain issues in Scotland, Sturgeon has no place to become involved in a UK-wide issue.


4. The Scottish people voted to decide on EU membership on a UK-wide basis

The decisive vote in Scotland to remain part of the United Kingdom in September 2014 was a vote to pursue a common national direction with the rest of the UK, certainly as far as non-devolved issues are concerned. It was well known at the time of the independence referendum that a UK-wide vote on leaving the EU could be held shortly, and the Scottish people made their position clear - the Union that matters above all else is that which binds our United Kingdom together.


5. More Scots voted Leave than for the SNP

At the last General Election the SNP won 977,569 votes, a significant drop which saw them lose twenty-one of their seats in parliament; over one-third of the total they had previously held. By contrast 1,018,322 Scots voted to Leave the EU in the June 2016 referendum. When more Scots voted to Leave the EU than for the SNP, Sturgeon's idea that she has some sort of duty to block Brexit on behalf of Scotland is shown up for the nonsense that it is.


6. Sturgeon's pro-EU views don't even represent her own party

Not only do Sturgeon's Europhile views fails to represent the diversity of opinion in Scotland over the issue, they totally fail even to represent her own party's grassroots. While almost every single SNP MP and MSP is pro-EU, or at least outwardly toes the party line, one-third of SNP voters actually voted to Leave the EU.


7. Her interference damages the UK in the negotiations

Sturgeon's unwelcome and unjustified interference in the Brexit process, including a tour to meet European leaders and EU dignitaries, is a deliberate attempt to undermine the UK in the Brexit negotiations and to present an image of disunity to the EU. She's not the only person up to this of course - Tony Blair has caused quite a bit of controversy recently by doing the very same thing.


8. She's a hypocrite when it comes to "respecting devolution"

Sturgeon has (wrongly) complained a lot about the UK government supposedly failing to "respect devolution" because of the impact of Brexit on devolved issues. Yet Sturgeon, a Scottish devo-politician, has repeatedly poked her nose into Northern Irish affairs, totally failing to respect Northern Ireland's own devolved remit. She has called repeatedly for the United Kingdom to have an "open border" (a misnomer for what is in fact literally no border) with Ireland, and gone so far as to declare that the Irish Republic - a foreign state - and Scotland are allies over Brexit.


9. She's a hypocrite when it comes to powers returning from Brussels

One of Sturgeon's biggest points of contention with the Brexit process so far has been over 111 powers returning from Brussels which she feels should go directly to Holyrood. It shows quite breathtaking hypocrisy for her to call this a "Westminster power-grab" when her position, as  a Remain supporter, was for every single one of those powers to remain with Brussels in the first place!


10. She's a hypocrite for supporting the so-called "People's Vote"

Sturgeon has said that we need a "people's vote" for the British people to decide if they would like to change their mind and remain in the EU. Now, just ask yourself this: can you imagine the reaction if, following a Yes vote in 2014, unionist politicians then called for a "people's vote" after two years of independence negotiations in order to reverse the Yes vote? The SNP would scream bloody murder, and it shows just how much contempt they have for British democracy that they are so hypocritical that they will do anything they can to reverse Britain's decision to leave the EU.


There is no question therefore that Sturgeon has no right whatsoever to get involved in Britain's exit from the EU. Sadly nobody is really taking her to task for it because the Holyrood echo-chamber and the wider Scottish media and civil establishment are so hopelessly pliant that they refuse to challenge her and indeed largely support her stance. We hardly hear a peep from the Scottish Tories when it comes to Brexit - perhaps because they continue to oppose a clean Brexit (almost all their MSPs and most of their MPs backed May's deal) and stood literally shoulder-to-shoulder with Sturgeon over the issue to begin with.


There's no point complaining about it if you keep voting the same people into power or if you are cowed by the old chestnut about "splitting the vote". On the big issue of the day nobody is challenging Sturgeon and she is being allowed to set the narrative that Scotland is somehow united against Brexit. That's an outrageous falsehood, and we say it is time there was a political voice prepared to take her to task for it.







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