Scrap May's Deal and Get us Out the EU!

January 29, 2019


Theresa May is continuing to persevere with her disastrous deal, which would turn Britain into a mere colony of the EU.


Under her proposed deal Britain would remain chained to the EU's Customs Union and bound by the many rules and regulations of the Single Market. All that would change really is that we would stop sending MEPs to the European parliament. We say that this is unacceptable.


As a party we have always refrained from getting involved in the post-referendum circus. Our position is that a pro-EU parliament dominated by pro-EU parties and pro-EU MPs, most of which campaigned to Remain, will not lead Britain out of the EU. No amount of street demos, petitions, legal challenges or pressure groups will change that.


The only way Britain can reclaim its sovereignty is for a serious, sensible and electable party to contest elections on an anti-EU ticket as part of a broad set of policies to rebuild our country, with a view - in time - to challenging the pro-EU Labour and Conservative parties. That's what we intend to do, and we encourage you to sign up if you agree that this is the way forward.





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