Enoch Powell was Right - We can Still Rebuild Britain

January 31, 2019


We agree with Enoch Powell when he said that "it is never too late to save your country".


After decades of destruction and national dissolution by the establishment parties, people are understandably losing hope. Many have resigned themselves to the atomised, rootless, borderless, subordinate, multicultural, secular, service sector 'New Britain' pursued by the Labour and Conservative parties.


We, however, have not given up. That's why we stand on a broad manifesto of opposition to what has been done to our country. We advocate for a Britain that is Sovereign, Industrial, United, Democratic, Traditional and Functional. A Britain that is something like the country we used to know.


If you agree with our Ten Point Plan then help us build a real opposition that will take on the establishment parties and campaign to get out the EU and rebuild our country.


1. UK Unity

2. Leave the EU

3. No More Referendums

4. End Mass Immigration

5. Rebuild Infrastructure

6. Rebuild Industry

7. Fiscal Responsibility

8. Family Values

9. Get Tough on Crime

10. Protect Free Speech & Liberties





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