Stop Foreign Aid and Put our Pensioners First!

February 4, 2019

Britain is set to hand £98,000,000 in Foreign Aid to India - a country with its own space programme!

This is just a small chunk of the £14.1 Billion in Foreign Aid we hand out annually across the world. A lot of it goes straight into the pockets of corrupt regimes, and that's not to mention the £8.8 Billion net contributions we make annually to the EU!


We say it is a national disgrace that this money is being thrown away when thousands of pensioners across Britain have to choose between heating and eating at this time of year. Our pensioners are the generation who built this country, and modern politicians have no right to throw it all away.


That's why we say it is time for a new party that will stop foreign aid, get us out the EU and start putting our pensioners and the British people first.







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