Build Royal Navy Ships in Britain

February 20, 2019



The government is using EU rules to tender out contracts for three Royal Fleet Auxiliary ships to foreign builders - even though we are supposed to be leaving in a few weeks time!


We demand that all Royal Navy vessels, including Royal Fleet Auxiliary vessels, should be built in Britain. The RFA is one of the five fighting arms of the Royal Navy, and its ships should be built to the highest standards on our own shipyards using our own steel.


Escaping the EU's competition laws will give Britain a chance to rebuild its industries. We support re-establishing British Steel and British Shipbuilders to rebuild our Royal Navy and provide skilled industrial jobs to the parts of the country where they are needed most.


Our policy of building Royal Navy ships in Britain is just part of our wider set of values and policies to Rebuild Britain: Sovereign, Industrial, United, Democratic and Functional. If you agree with our Ten Point Plan then help us build a real opposition that will take on the establishment parties and campaign to get out the EU and rebuild our country.


1. UK Unionism

2. Leave the EU

3. No More Referendums

4. End Mass Immigration

5. Rebuild Infrastructure

6. Rebuild Industry

7. Fiscal Responsibility

8. Family Values

9. Get Tough on Crime

10. Protect Free Speech & Liberties





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