May Defeated! Britain will NOT Become a Colony of Brussels

March 13, 2019


The decisive rejection of May's disastrous deal, defeated yesterday evening by a remarkable 149 votes including both pro-Leave and pro-Remain MPs, shows how utterly hopeless her proposals were.


Under her deal Britain would have become a colony of the EU, subject to its laws, its regulations and its courts, while paying billions every year for the privilege. We welcome its rejection.


The Conservative and Labour parties are now in total paralysis as they have neither the will nor the capacity to lead Britain out of the EU. Both are Europhile parties, each with a majority of pro-EU MPs who campaigned to Remain.


They have a democratic mandate, indeed a direct parliamentary mandate through the June 2017 General Election, to leave the EU on March 29th. It is abundantly clear that they will not do so, and never had any intention of doing so. Theresa May will now be offering her MPs a free vote to take no deal off the table, in direct contradiction of their manifesto promises.


This highlights what we have said all along - that it is folly to expect a pro-EU establishment to lead us out of the EU, and to simply ask them to do it through a referendum - to them nothing more than an opinion poll and no threat to their hold on power. The only way to leave the EU is to defeat the establishment parties in a General Election and elect a majority of anti-EU MPs.


It is no use being a single-issue pressure group on the Labour or Conservative parties. For 50 years they have been shutting Britain down, and have robbed us of our constitutional, economic, social and moral foundations to usher in their borderless, subordinate, atomised, multicultural, rootless, secular, service sector 'New Britain'. The only solution, the only way to reclaim our sovereignty and rebuild our country, is for a party to challenge them at the polls with a view to defeating them and winning power.


That is why we stand on a broad manifest to rebuild our country: Sovereign, Industrial, United, Democratic, Traditional and Functional; the Britain that we used to know. Our values and policies to reclaim our country are laid out in our Ten Point Plan below. To stand for anything less is to surrender our country.


1. UK Unionism

2. Leave the EU

3. No More Referendums

4. End Mass Immigration

5. Rebuild Infrastructure

6. Rebuild Industry

7. Fiscal Responsibility

8. Family Values

9. Get Tough on Crime

10. Protect Free Speech & Liberties






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