Knife Crime is a Cancerous Growth in our Communities

March 19, 2019



Knife crime has been growing at a very steady rate in the United Kingdom, communities are being ripped apart as a result of callous acts of murder from knives owing to gang culture, a breakdown of traditional, decent values, dwindling police numbers, a complete lack of funding for programmes that reduce youth and adult re-offending rates, division, hatred and violence from cultural problems, acts of terror and a soft-justice system. The list goes on...


Some would say unsurprisingly, there were 39,818 recorded offenses involving knife crime in the year ending September 2018. Shockingly, these figures do not include Greater Manchester Police due to data recording issues. There are 44 police services in England & Wales, and 42 of those recorded increase in knife crime. Stop and search powers should be granted to police services that have recorded an increase in knife crime, local and national government need to work in partnership to provide support and funding for programmes that reduce re-offending rates, and custodial sentences must be longer for anyone committing a crime involving the use of a knife.


Conservative Prime Minister Theresa May absurdly claimed that: “Local people do not want to see more police on the streets.” The irony is, that is exactly what the British public desires, a proactive friendly and engaging police force, not service to fight crime and not hide behind desks or police tweets or Facebook comments. Mrs. May also said there was no "direct correlation" between knife crime and the decrease in the numbers of police, she is lying to the very people she is supposed to serve and protect.


Crimes involving knives tend to be more widespread in larger multi-cultural cities, especially places like the capital city London. A lack of social cohesion cuts in police numbers and budgets, gang culture and the division caused by multi-culturalism have transformed once peaceful towns and cities into sanctuaries for immoral and criminal behaviour. Social and cultural problems, segregation and a multitude of other factors including the illegal drug trade are exasperating the national disgrace of knife crime."


Murder as a result of knife crime has surged at an unprecedented rate, back in 2015 there were 186 murders committed by knife, more recently in the year, 2017-18 285 people were murdered by knives. We must act now before our country descends yet further into a state of lawlessness and anarchy.


We must implement a zero tolerance approach to knife crime, the steady increase in knife crime has been horrifying, in particular, there was a point in time where the murder rate was higher in London than New York. I call for a zero tolerance approach to knife crime demanding strict sentencing guidelines without any possibility of early release or a suspended sentence order, and also I would like to see the stop and search laws enforced for public safety.





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