Britain Needs Borders: Sensible Immigration Controls

March 25, 2019


The concerns of the ordinary British people over immigration are continually ignored and marginalised by the political, media and civil establishment. This has been the case for many years now while the incredibly transformatory mass immigration project has been underway.


While some parties shout about immigration as a protest policy, none have ever set down to the serious business of setting out how we can regain control of our borders, beyond perhaps suggesting an increase to the budget of the Border Force, which is merely tinkering around the edges.

What must be understood is that the abolition of border controls and effective border security is part of the great shutting down of our national infrastructure over the past several decades under Labour and Conservative governments. Industry, transport, energy, utilities, borders - it is all part of the same process of shutting down. The severity of this problem must be emphasised clearly in numbers.


Our border security is now left to the Border Force, a single rump organisation which is all that is left from the gradual merger of many bodies over many years. It has a grand total of 7,500 staff, including administration staff, and nine (yes, nine) vessels to cover over 7,700 miles of coastline. This organisation of 7,500 staff and nine vessels (four of which are small patrol vessels) is expected to provide border security for a nation of 65-80 million people (we no longer really know the figure... because of the lack of basic border controls).


Then there is a body each for visas and internal immigration enforcement, each with around 8,000 staff - UK Visas and Immigration and Immigration Enforcement. For context on their ability to cope with such paltry levels of staff in a country of up to 80 million people, it should be noted that they currently clear around 12,000 asylum cases each year - that's out of a backlog which has now grown to over 400,000.


This gets to the heart of what is going on with our borders and immigration levels - tinkering with Border Force funding or nice ideas about point-based systems don't even begin to touch on the problem. The situation now is one of near anarchy, with annual levels of immigration hitting up to 700,000.


We must present a serious plan to rebuild an entire border security infrastructure which has been shut down for years now. We propose that the Border Force (7,500 staff, 5 'cutters' and 4 patrol vessels) be replaced with a UK Border Security Agency (40,000 staff) and a UK Border Security Fleet (16 cutters and 80 patrol vessels).


UK Visas and Immigration (7,500 staff) and Immigration Enforcement (around 8,000 staff) must be replaced with four specialised bodies: a UK Visas Agency (12,000 staff), a UK Immigration Agency to process cases (12,000 staff), UK Immigration Enforcement (12,000 staff) and a dedicated Asylum Processing Agency to clear the backlog of asylum seekers (20,000 staff).

This would be a serious undertaking and that means costs and government expenditure. We must regain the fortitude to say such things, because borders are serious and substantial things, as are nation states and their infrastructure. The shutting down of Britain must be stopped and actively reversed.


These proposals would cost an estimated £5 billion per year; for context our net annual contributions to the EU are almost £9 billion.


The silent majority who are concerned about immigration need a serious party to say these things; not silly fringe parties that fixate on minorities and otherwise have no substance or no real policies on how to control our borders. We need a serious, sensible and electable party that will bring the issue of mass immigration to the agenda and give a voice to the ordinary British people who wish to preserve their culture and our national character.


Rebuilding a serious border infrastructure is just part of our wider set of policies to reverse decades of destruction and national breakdown. We stand for a Britain that is Sovereign, Industrial, United, Democratic, Traditional and Functional. A Britain that works for the British people, and that is something like the country that we used to know.


That's why we have our Ten Point Plan to Rebuild Britain and sort our country out. We need a serious party that will stand on a broad manifesto to rebuild our country before it is too late.


1. UK Unity

2. Leave the EU

3. No More Referendums

4. End Mass Immigration

5. Rebuild Infrastructure

6. Rebuild Industry

7. Fiscal Responsibility

8. Family Values

9. Get Tough on Crime

10. Protect Free Speech & Liberties





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