Dublin Has No Role in Ulster Politics

March 31, 2019


Dublin, and Varadkar in particular, are in the habit of making very unwanted and unhelpful interventions in the Brexit negotiations, particularly with their meddling and grandstanding over Northern Ireland.


Their demands show a total lack of respect for the sovereignty and constitutional integrity of the United Kingdom. Dublin has no right whatsoever to insist upon a backstop that leaves Northern Ireland shackled to the EU's customs union and the rules and regulations of the Single Market. They know full well that the backstop would leave Northern Ireland within the economic sphere of Dublin and Brussels more than the United Kingdom; something that is totally incompatibly with the very Union the United Kingdom is based upon.


Their latest claim is the most bold and outrageous - that in the event of a No Deal Brexit, Westminster must first consult Dublin and accept its input in the direct rule process; effectively sharing direct rule between the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland. It is entirely unhelpful that government ministers such as Michael Gove have also pushed this line.


As UK Unionists we do not accept any concession of the United Kingdom's constitutional or territorial integrity. It is the duty of the UK government to treat Varadkar in the proper capacity: as the leader of a foreign nation with no right to meddle in our own internal affairs. We support Britain's full exit from the European Union and all of its mechanisms: No Deal, No Bills and No Backstop.





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