The Assault on Marriage by a Conservative Government

April 14, 2019


The "Conservative" government has just announced it will abolish the legal basis of marriage, and nobody seems to have noticed.


Justice Secretary David Gauke (if you asked yourself "who?", you are not the only one) stated that it will introduce immediate divorce on demand at the request of the husband or wife alone, and the other partner in the relationship shall have no say in the matter and no right to restitution. Divorce proceedings would then begin immediately, lasting up to six months maximum. In other words, the whole legal concept of marriage as a binding and mutual contract shall be abolished.


As usual no voice of dissent is aired through our stiflingly liberal political, media and civil establishment. A host of commentators have lined up to approve the new laws as thoroughly 'modern' and 'progressive'. They talk a great deal about love, which seems to come entirely from Holywood-esque and selfish notions of self-gratification, pleasure, momentary excitement and personal fulfilment. They appear to give no thought to concepts such as patience and duty, words which I realise will sound embarrassingly old-fashioned to modern ears.


For decades now the Conservative and Labour parties have led an assault against the traditional married family. This is not an obscure moral topic as some would like to frame it, but a fundamental reorientation of society away from two-parent, single-earner, multi-generational family homes towards a new social order based on singleness, childlessness and isolation. More and more we are just individuals forced to fend for and provide for ourselves, generally inefficiently as single renters. This state of affairs is much more suited to the corporate interests of the Conservative and Labour parties, who recognise that the married family is a bastion of personal liberty against the encroaching, monetising forces of corporations and the state.


While mothers are driven out the home and into work (a result of poverty dressed up as equality, as single-income households are no longer financially viable even for the middle-class as they were a generation ago), childcare and care for the elderly have been nationalised while homes sit empty for the bulk of the waking day. Indeed I have noticed that homes are less and less loved, lived-in, shared and well-tended places, but rather a sort of crash pad for exhausted working mothers, and fathers too who now have to share more of the parenting and households duties.


It is children however who are the chief victims of the assault against the married family. Today only half of children have married parents by the time they finish primary school, while one-third will witness their parents divorce. There is a class dynamic too, as it is the British working class which has suffered the most devastation, misery and poverty through the collapse of the married family.


The fact that marriage could be abolished as a meaningful legal construct without a whimper of political opposition shows how redundant the establishment parties are. They have been bedfellows in the assault not just against the married family but against the British nation for many years now.


For decades they have trashed Britain's constitutional, economic, social and moral foundations. They did so in the pursuit of their 'New Britain'; one that would be subordinate, rootless, borderless, multicultural, secular and service sector; robbed of all the foundations of nationhood.


The only relevant political dynamic there can be in this country is for a serious, wholesale opposition force to stand against them. A party that is committed to rebuilding our country: a Britain that is Sovereign, Industrial, United, Democratic, Traditional and Functional; that is something like the country that we used to know.


Unless this happens, our country will be lost.





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