A UK Unionist Alternative for Ulster

April 28, 2019


Talk has once again return to power-sharing and re-instating devolved government at Stormont. While the media and the establishment parties frame this in terms of "moving forward", the reality is that it is moving back to a failed system that has broken down repeatedly.

The chief structures of the power-sharing model were always inherently flawed and
damaging to the Union. Mandatory coalition entrenches the unionist-nationalist divide in the political system, and makes it impossible for Northern Ireland to escape tribal constitutional politics and play a fuller role in the wider UK political system. Devolution itself entrenches Northern Ireland's separateness from the rest of the United Kingdom; by the same token the devolved assemblies at Holyrood and Cardiff Bay have emboldened nationalist movements in Scotland and Wales just as devolved government at Stormont has for Sinn Fein. Ultimately by definition devolution is not compatible with parliamentary union.

The fact that it is the British and Irish governments are jointly implementing the new power-sharing talks shows the harsh reality of Northern Ireland's ambiguous and rather tenuous constitutional position which is caused by devolved coalition government.


The breakdown of power-sharing has undoubtedly been a farce and a failure of the political class towards the people of Northern Ireland. But the solution is not to go back to narrow, tribal, Northern Ireland-only politics.

The true solution to moving forward is to be found in UK Unionism - full political integration for Northern Ireland within a pluralistic United Kingdom. That means participating fully in UK politics and standing on a wide range of issues with a UK-wide manifesto.

As UK Unionists this is what we do as a party, and that is why we offer a real Unionist alternative to the people of Northern Ireland. If you agree with our Ten Point Plan to rebuild Britain, sign up today.


1. UK Unionism

2. Leave the EU

3. No More Referendums

4. End Mass Immigration

5. Rebuild Infrastructure

6. Rebuild Industry

7. Fiscal Responsibility

8. Family Values

9. Get Tough on Crime

10. Protect Free Speech & Liberties





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