Farage is Sweeping Away the Two-Party System

May 19, 2019



In a matter of weeks the Brexit Party has come from nowhere and could now demolish the two-party Labour-Tory system that has dominated for decades. Although it was founded just three months ago, the Brexit Party is projected to win outright the European elections and dozens of seats in the event of a General Election.


This disproves all the doubters who told us that we are stuck with the Conservative and Labour parties, and that it is pointless to attempt to set up any kind of rival party. Farage and the Brexit Party have come from obscurity and are set to redefine British politics and break the old two-party system.


This is a very important development and a thing to be welcomed. For decades the Labour and Conservative parties have been redundant and become mirror images of each other - even Corbyn barely changed that reality. For decades they have pursued the same policies: EU integration, de-industrialisation, mass immigration, the carve-up of the UK through devolution, an assault on the married family and traditional values and the broad shutting down of Britain.


In place of these things they pursued the transition to a borderless, atomised, multicultural, secular, corporate, service sector 'New Britain' to sweep away everything this country used to be. Farage's Brexit Party is of course limited to the single-issue of Brexit, but it looks set to play a hugely important role in breaking decades of stifling Labour-Tory dominance.


The moment undoubtedly belongs to the Brexit Party, but we will continue to build a much broader political alternative committed to rebuilding our country. We will speak about issues that have been totally marginalised from debate and give a voice to the huge numbers of social conservatives and patriots who have been disenfranchised. As the two-party system begins to fragment, the opportunity for such a party is clear for all to see.






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