The Political Crusade Against Gender Norms

June 10, 2019


During China's Cultural Revolution, Chairman Mao and his ruling Communist Party set out to destroy what he called China's "Four Olds": old customs, old culture, old habits and old ideas.


Our own ruling class here in Britain, and the West more generally, now have much the same aim. Those who dominate the corridors of power in government, media and civil society rarely identify as communists (nor are they communists), but they share the same contempt as Mao for everything that is traditional. To them all concepts of nationality, faith or family - things our civilisation was built upon - are utterly backwards and embarrassing, and beneath contempt. Traditional views on sex or gender come under particular fire.


This is why we are subject now to a neverending barrage of propaganda aimed at transforming our society. It is a transformation carried out not through the gradual change that can come with time, but a deliberate and enforced one carried out from the top-down through sheer weight of propaganda.


I notice this more and more creeping into every aspect of life: the adverts in city centres; workplace culture; the content on TV; the focus of online news coverage, and so on. I have written previously of some of my past experiences in this regard (for example, Police Scotland adverts on the Glasgow Subway, addressed on behalf of all of Scotland, which informed "religious bigots" that their "transphobia" is unwelcome).


What caught my attention yesterday was coverage of the women's football world cup. Immediately upon going online, my homepage Google has transformed its logo into a montage for the event (in fairness it does this for many obscure things - so that's not particularly noteworthy). However after checking my emails and logging out, MSN bombards me with stories about the women's world cup and all the inspiring stories we can take from it.


I then navigated to the BBC site to check the news. And there on the homepage, is story after story on the women's world cup. Several whole sections of the main page were devoted to it. And so I counted all the articles promoted with a picture (ignoring the much smaller text-only links) and found that 15 out of 44 articles on the BBC main page were about the women's world cup.


Bear in mind this is NOT the sports section. This is the BBC news homepage. Excluding the small sports sub-section (which accounts for 2 of the 15 articles mentioned), this is political content. Its purpose is political. Such coverage (over one-third of all articles on the BBC news main page) is enormously disproportionate with actual public interest in the women's world cup; or indeed its relevance as national or international news.


This is not to disparage the event - by all means let it be duly reported in a proportionate way. The reason why it is not is because it's not about news or public interest, it is about propaganda. It is about social transformation, about the deliberate transformation of existing social norms.


In this case it is about doing away with one of the most basic norms - that women are fundamentally different from men. The idea that women might be substantially less interested in sport than men, or that they are less physically capable at most sports, is heresy in modern revolutionary Britain. Equality is to be forced through where it doesn't naturally exist.


This is all of political and social significance, and must be talked about and challenged in the political sphere. That said; I am very wary to become bogged down in this sort of identity politics, and so only reluctantly comment on it. It is tangential (but related) to the real stories of our time which are encapsulated in the multicultural, de-industrialised, de-nationalised, borderless, atomised, service sector EU vassal state that Britain has now been reduced to.


Triggering "social justice warriors" with edgy, crude or disrespectful comments isn't going to change that. What is needed is  a serious political party with a coherent outlook that is traditional and national so that we can start to piece our country and our social fabric back together again.




Agree with our values? Check out our Ten Point Plan to get out the EU and rebuild our country: Sovereign, Industrial, United, Democratic and Functional; like the Britain that we used to know.


1. UK Unionism

2. Leave the EU

3. No More Referendums

4. End Mass Immigration

5. Rebuild Infrastructure

6. Rebuild Industry

7. Fiscal Responsibility

8. Family Values

9. Get Tough on Crime

10. Protect Free Speech & Liberties





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