The Mandate for Unity

November 26, 2019


On December 12th Scottish constituencies will deliver an authoritative mandate for unity.


Across all 59 Scottish constituencies, all party candidates will be standing on a participatory ticket and seeking a mandate on that basis - that is to take their seat in the British parliament and participate as part of the whole. Not a single candidate in Scotland is standing on an abstentionist ticket and seeking a mandate on that basis - that is to reject the authority of the British parliament and seek a mandate for separation.


In our parliamentary, representative democracy it is this matter of participation and abstention that delivers a mandate for unity or separation at each General Election. This democratic mandate - and the representation won through it - is authoritative and binding and stands until it is put to the electorate once again at the next parliamentary election.


Any MP elected on a manifesto to sit and represent his constituency in the British parliament, participating and legislating in common as part of the British whole, must honour that so long as he remains in office. This applies as much to SNP MPs as those from any other party, and cannot be legitimately overruled through a referendum.


On December 12th, with all party candidates across Scotland seeking a mandate to sit in the British parliament, to participate in it and to legislate in common with 650 British constituencies as part of the whole, Scottish constituencies will once again deliver a decisive mandate for unity.



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