Labour's Immigration Policies are Dangerous and Divisive

November 27, 2019


The Migration section of the Labour Manifesto claims: "The movement of people around the world has enriched our society, our economy and our culture." The reality of mass immigration has been the utter and complete opposite, many communities are troubled by the immense pressure on public services, housing and employment opportunities. British culture and society has also been severely damaged by decades of multiculturalism and mass immigration.


Corbyn's Labour are also trying to capitalise on colonial guilt by promising financial reparations for victims of the Windrush scandal. Such divisive identity politics is an attempt to deflect from the real problems of Labour's current immigration policy.


Labour also outlined their commitment to ending the use of Immigration Removal Centre's in the United Kingdom where illegal migrants and undocumented people are subject to immigration control in custody, while they wait for permission to enter or before they are deported or removed from the country. It is an administrative process, not a criminal procedure. This would naturally jeopardise our national security and border controls.


Delegates of a Labour Party conference in Brighton overwhelmingly voted in favour of supporting a plan to "maintain and extend free movement" - which gives people from the European Union the right to live and work in the United Kingdom and vice versa - in a post-Brexit Britain.


This policy decision has virtually been included in the Labour manifesto: "If we remain in the EU, freedom of movement would continue. If we leave, it will be subject to negotiations, but we recognise the social and economic benefits that free movement has brought both in terms of EU citizens here and UK citizens abroad – and we will seek to protect those rights." Freedom of movement has depressed wages, strained public services and jobs. Labour's free movement commitment would surge immigration to greater levels than ever before.


Labour would also like us to meet our international legal obligations on accepting refugees and giving them the right to work and use public services and work with the French to dismantle illegal migrant camps and provide safe routes for them to enter.


The Labour Party supports a culture-less and border-less society; their immigration policy is both dangerous and divisive.

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