For decades our country has been shutting down and changed beyond recognition under the Conservative and Labour parties.

They swept away everything our country used to be and replaced it with their rootless, borderless, disconnected, hollow, secular, service sector 'New Britain'.

We stand on a broad manifesto to rebuild our country:

Sovereign, Industrial, United, Democratic, Traditional and Functional;

like the Britain that we used to know.

Key policies on getting out the EU & constitutional issues:

  • Repeal the European Communities Act 1972 and reject negotiating on the EU's terms through its convoluted Article 50 process

  • A Full EU Exit which includes leaving the Single Market & Customs Union

  • Take Back Control over all of our laws, waters and borders

  • Revoke the Common Travel Area and maintain a secure and staffed border with the Republic of Ireland/EU to regulate movement of people and goods

  • Full UK Integration for Northern Ireland (revoke devolution and all provisions of the 1998 Belfast Agreement that conflict with British sovereignty in Northern Ireland)

  • British Unionism: Seek a parliamentary mandate to abolish the devolved assemblies at Holyrood, Stormont, Cardiff Bay and London.

Key policies to rebuild our country include:

  • Rebuild our Industries (re-establish core national industries such as British Steel, British Coal and British Shipbuilders)

  • Rebuild our National Infrastructure (re-nationalise core infrastructure: transport, energy, defence, justice/prisons, utilities etc)

  • Rebuild our Economy (invest in heavy industry and manufacturing)

  • Economic Protectionism (re-establish meaningful tariffs on foreign competitors and redevelop a nationally-orientated economy)

  • Rebuild our Armed Forces (massive re-investment in the Armed Forces; rebuild them to appropriate peacetime levels)

  • Rebuild a Quality Education System (re-instate the tripartite system of grammar, technical and modern schools)

  • Rebuild an Effective Police Force (reinstate regular visible foot patrols and re-orientate towards fighting crime on the streets, not sitting behind desks)

  • Rebuild a World-Leading NHS (full renationalisation, reinstate Matrons and State Enrolled Nurses, slash management and end health tourism)

  • Re-orientate Public Spending and investment away from quangos, the 'third sector', finance and services; and back towards defence and industry

Key policies on immigration and border controls include:

  • Stop Mass Immigration

  • An Annual Immigration Cap of 8,000 limited to skilled workers and international students (current levels over 600,000)

  • A Freeze on Unskilled Immigration

  • Establish a British Border Security Force of 40,000 staff (current Border Force 7,500 staff)

  • Establish a British Border Security Fleet of 16 cutters and 80 patrol vessels (current Border Force 5 cutters, 4 patrol vessels)

  • Establish an Asylum Processing Department with 20,000 staff to clear the backlog of over 400,000 asylum cases (currently 12,000 processed annually)

  • Tighten Citizenship Requirements and remove residence alone as a sufficient qualification to acquire citizenship

Our key traditional values and pro-family policies include:

  • Uphold the Family Unit as the fundamental social unit, and reflect this in all areas of policy such as taxation, rights and welfare

  • Fully Transferable Marriage Tax Allowance, helping free mothers from low-pay work and to spend more time with their children

  • End Politically Correct Politicisation in all state sectors including the civil service, education system, Armed Forces and the police

  • Reinstate Traditional Teaching Methods including a focus on fact-based and vocational education and an end to political indoctrination in schools

  • Promote the Married Family by reversing 'progressive' anti-family legislation in areas such as divorce and abortion

  • Uphold Institutional Christianity and its role in public life (school services etc), while respecting everybody's right to their own private beliefs

Our key policies to safeguard and restore our traditional liberties include:

  • A Free Speech & Communications Act to restore our free speech rights as they existed prior to political correctness (restricted as they were only by libel laws, direct calls to violence and public indecency)

  • Prohibit Campus De-Platforming at all publicly-funded universities

  • Prohibit Online De-Platforming by social media monopolies such as Facebook and Twitter, especially when they could influence elections

  • Ban Facial Recognition Technology across all public and private spaces

  • Roll Back CCTV and create free CCTV-free zones where public safety is guaranteed the old-fashioned way with visible police foot patrols

  • Oppose ID Cards which governments have repeatedly proposed to introduce

  • Re-orientate Security Towards Border Controls which is where it chiefly belongs; not permeating throughout all of society as it currently does which is the consequence of chaotic, borderless policies