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It’s still very unclear as to who really holds ultimate sovereignty after we leave the EU, the UK or the EU. Yes, we’ll gain back freedom in some areas from the bloc, but whether there is an explicit, definitive, clause that states a date when the UK will hold full sovereignty in all matters is not at all clear. It has been promised that the 1972 European Communities Act that established the supremacy of European law over UK law will be repealed at some time (just before the end of the ‘transition period, perhaps), but the UK will still remain subservient to certain EU jurisdictions and institutions until 2028, perhaps even further than that if so agreed during the following 2 years of negotiations that will follow our initial exit.


We need a single act of Parliament that explicitly states a date when the UK will fully recover her sovereignty from ALL the jurisdictions and institutions of the EU and become a fully sovereign nation state again.



The vote to leave the EU was a rejection of Brussels and the anti-democratic, anti-nation EU project, but it was also more than that.


It was a rejection of our political class and their 'New Britain' project defined by the chaotic twin forces of social and economic liberalism; of the equality and diversity agenda and 'service sector' Britain.

The silent majority which voted to Leave the EU did so because they can remember another Britain; one defined by democracy, sovereignty, national unity, national infrastructure, industry, family, faith, connected communities, common values and all the trappings of nationhood.


The Brexit vote has broken the back of the old Labour-Tory establishment. Single-issue Brexit parties will ride that tide for a while; ultimately however what must emerge is a serious party committed to rebuilding our country and reclaiming the Britain that we used to know.


12. A BRIGHT SOVEREIGN FUTURE (by Stephen Bailey)

This country has a centuries old, storied history of making her own decisions and standing on her own two feet. Whilst in no way insular or xenophobic, we don’t take to undue interference or control from anybody else. We like to assimilate the best ideas, cultural, political and other from the rest of the world.We built our nation on the concept of being a sea faring nation that had interests which spanned the globe. This ended when we became a province of the European project. Slowly, over decades, the UK lost these characteristics as it was transformed into just another subservient vassal state of Brussels. When we leave the EU , there is a golden opportunity to re-acquire them again, and it must be seized with both hands and ran with, making the most of it that we can. We have an extremely bright future as a free, sovereign global nation making our own way in the world, doing things our own way.


11. DE-POLITICIZE THE POLICE (by Stephen Bailey)

Most UK citizens’ attitudes towards the Police are largely conditioned by their experiences of them during their childhood and adolescence and when they were younger, which, of course, took place some time ago now. Many people base their attitudes on how things were many years or even decades ago. It is natural to do this, but it has become increasingly apparent that the nature, practice and ethos of policing has changed dramatically in recent times and that subsequently it is now no longer wise to maintain the same attitudes towards them. Nobody who’s had any experience of the current Police force can possibly believe that they operate as they did in past years.

All modern UK police forces have been thoroughly re-structured and modern policing now follows an ethos that is based on the left-liberal ‘policing by consent’ model, which employs the ultra-politically correct principles of the Macpherson Report. The reality on the ground of this shift is that the Police have become little more than the draconian enforcers of the multicultural, cultural-Marxist project and extremely antagonistic to anybody that is perceived to be against this left-liberal agenda. They see it as their job to run around making certain target groups happy and secure and largely ignore normal Police activities like preventing or investigating crime.

This shift in Police practice needs to be acknowledged and we need to stop still treating the Police as if they are operating as they did in the past, as their politicization is consequently not effectively opposed and we have witnessed the virtually complete triumph of metropolitan liberalism in the UK Police forces today.

The only way to defeat this politicization of the Police is to stop living in 30 years ago under very different circumstances and recognize the reality of the modern cultural-Marxist Police modus operandi. Like all bullies, if you stand up for yourself, they (eventually) back down. It is unwise to keep showing them misplaced good will when they don’t reciprocate. Then, there is a chance that the Police will drop its PC agenda and effective policing which concentrates on preventing and solving crime can be restored.



The average person can now see that the Conservative Party are not the party to lead Britain out of the EU.

May's deal would make Britain a vassal of the European superstate, while rivals like Jacob Rees-Mogg know they cannot win support within the anti-Brexit Conservative parliamentary party, the majority of which backed remaining in the EU.

Union & Sovereignty stated all along that a referendum couldn't lead Britain out of the EU because it entrusted the process to the Lib/Lab/Con establishment. The only way to leave the EU is for an anti-EU party to take power by winning a majority of seats in parliament.



For decades now the establishment parties have trashed Britain's constitutional, economic, social and moral foundations.

They took a sovereign, unitary, democratic, industrial and functional country and transformed it into a hollow, multicultural, secular, debt-ridden, service sector hub, subordinate to Brussels and its diktats.

We are told that we must accept all this as part of the inevitable 'march of history'. This is and remains the 'narrative' of the establishment parties.

We propose that there must now be a new narrative. Our narrative is that after decades of destruction by the political class, we must reject their broad national direction and begin to rebuild our country and to reclaim the Britain that we used to know.



This past twelve months alone the government has been planning and implementing legislation for immediate no-fault divorce on demand, on demand DIY home abortions and on demand gender reassignment.

For decades there has been a concerted ideological assault against the traditional married family, and now it is being taken to its conclusion by a Conservative government.

Anybody with socially conservative views is now totally marginalised by the civil/media/political establishment.

Union & Sovereignty is a party for social conservatives who simply cannot have a voice in the politically correct major parties.



Tony Blair's New Labour devolution programme, now embraced by Lib/Lab/Con and nationalist parties like the SNP/Sinn Fein/Plaid Cymru, is turning into a shambolic farce.

Hundreds of millions of pounds are spent annually on the devolved assemblies at Holyrood, Stormont and Cardiff Bay, and what does the taxpayer get in return?

Holyrood is the ultimate nanny state assembly (Named Person Scheme, the smacking ban etc); Stormont hasn't functioned for years due to the failure of mandatory coalition; and a party called 'Abolish the Welsh Assembly Party' is predicted to win seats at the next Welsh Assembly election.

Devolution is however a much deeper issue than a waste of taxpayer money. It is a fundamental threat to Union and the constitutional integrity of the United Kingdom. That's why we, as a Unionist party are opposed to it.


6. THE STATE OF DEBATE IN THE UK (by Stephen Bailey)

It is quite clear to any reasonable person that genuine free speech doesn't exist in the UK and that for the new liberals, the cultural-Marxists, liberty simply means licence for them to speak and act in whatever way they want, without hindrance of any kind from anybody else, acting as self-appointed censors monitoring and noting down every little detail for later reference their opponents words and actions, whilst at the same time running around in an obsessive manner preventing, stifling and in many cases, aggressively shutting down genuine debate with a titanium clad ring around any topic they want to prevent discussion on. They use various means to do this, including verbal and/or physical intimidation, oppressive censorship measures and laws such as those enacted in the wake of the Macpherson Report to unfairly shut down their opponents valid arguments and even simply prevent them from saying anything at all.


This is not free speech and needs to be addressed urgently. Speech is either free or it isn't, there can't be any legitimate qualification to its definition. If you can debate some topics freely and with vigour, but not others, or only debate them weakly or to a certain degree, then that's not free speech but controlled or directed speech (like in Putin's Russia). The UK Constitution needs to have a mechanism introduced that guarantees free speech for all her citizens, not just left-liberals.



London governments too often seem to view Northern Ireland as some sort of awkward appendage to the nation. From the days of the Irish Home Rule bills, to the 1985 Anglo Irish Agreement, to the backstop arrangements in May's proposed Brexit deal, successive governments have proven themselves all too ready to cast Ulster into confused and ambiguous constitutional positions.


Only Northern Ireland is given this treatment, a betrayal which is all the more unjust when one considers the enormous hardships which the unionist majority have endured for their right to remain British.


It is high time that the people of Northern Ireland stopped being treated as second class citizens, and that Ulster was recognised as a full component and integral part of the United Kingdom. After various degrees of administration by a devolved assembly, Dublin and Brussels, UK integration within a sovereign UK is now the way forward for Northern Ireland.


The legislation being worked through the Scottish 'parliament' to ban parents from giving their children even the most gentle smack is just the latest step in the emerging culture of lawlessness, authoritarianism and the marginalisation of the family unit.

It is a direct transfer of power from the family to the state, and grants the state a monopoly on physical discipline and authority.


Child on child violence has been shown to rise considerably in other states such as Sweden which have already banned smacking. Increased violence, a vacuum of authority in children's lives and criminalisation of good parents is all that will come of Holyrood's smacking ban.


The SNP are happy to inflict all this on Scotland just to get some liberal-left 'brownie points'.



For those wondering how the major political parties can be so totally unrepresentative of the people, the answer is that they are not political parties structured around a membership, but instead state-funded machines accountable only to themselves.


In the 1950s the Conservative Party membership was over 3 million. By the 1980s it was around 1 million. Come 2018 it is just a little over 0.1 million, or one-thirtieth of the 1950s figure. Similar trends can be seen in Labour and the other establishment parties.


Because of the freefall in membership and thus grassroots funding, in the 1970s they introduced 'short money' which granted huge sums of taxpayer money to parties for every seat in parliament they held. From this point existing establishment parties were freed from any reliance on their dwindling membership and became machines funded by the enormous resources of the state.


This is the real scandal that has robbed Britain of meaningful democracy and which props up the Labour-Conservative-SNP establishment. Each of these parties are currently given millions of pounds of taxpayer money every year through 'short money', giving them a nigh-on insurmountable advantage over non-establishment parties.


The British Union & Sovereignty Party calls for the abolition of short money and for true democracy to be restored.




Sexuality and relationships are now just another stall in the marketplace.


This year alone the government has been implementing legislation for immediate no-fault divorce on demand, on demand DIY home abortions, on demand gender reassignment and the state-sponsored sales pitch of LGBT/trans lifestyle in the school system (in one Brighton school alone there are 76 transgender/gender fluid children).


In the shallow, secular, service sector 'New Britain' all that matters are the demands of the market and the consumer. On a whim you can discard a wife or husband and pick another 'partner' (just swipe right). Same-sex couples and increasingly also single women reaching the end of their child-bearing years can flick through a catalogue to pick a donor based on education/status etc to raise their designer baby in a fatherless household . All you need is money (although the NHS will fork out for some of these things).


Morality is forbidden, except of course the mantras of 'equality' and 'diversity' which are enforced through censorship and criminalisation of dissenting voices.


All the above is policy and legislation of the current Conservative government and the devo parliaments, and not the bogeyman Corbyn.



Theresa May's non-Brexit deal shows the fundamental flaw of UKIP's strategy to act merely as a sort of pressure group on the Conservative Party.


The majority of Conservative MPs, including the majority of the cabinet and Theresa May herself have supported the European project all of their political lives and indeed campaigned to Remain during the referendum. Prior to the referendum every Conservative General Election manifesto since the 70s supported continued membership of the EU.


The minority wing of the Conservative parliamentary party which does support an exit from the EU is itself fundamentally flawed, and is caught up in the delusion of a deregulatory Brexit which is concerned primarily with opening our borders to the rest of the world and not with the serious matters of sovereignty, self-sufficiency and border controls which motivated the vote to Leave.


A meaningful exit from the EU cannot be delivered by the Conservative Party, or of course Labour or any other establishment party. UKIP's strategy to act as a pressure group on them has failed.


The only way to deliver a meaningful exit from the EU is not to influence the Conservative/Labour parties, but to defeat them and elect a majority of anti-EU MPs with a parliamentary mandate to leave the European Union.


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