Our Armed Forces, much like the rest of our once substantial national infrastructure, have been devastated by drastic cuts, with little heed for the warnings of top military figures. We support rebuilding our Armed Forces to appropriate peacetime levels to ensure our national security. We also believe that we must treat our soldiers much better than we currently do; we would end the with-hunt of soldiers who served in Northern Ireland, and enshrine the Armed Forces Covenant in law.

Abolish Foreign Aid

Most of our foreign aid budget is lost to corruption or goes to countries which don’t really need it. We would abolish the foreign aid budget, and instead set aside £0.5bn out of the £13bn which we spent last year to provide genuine aid in the case of natural or humanitarian disasters.


Ring-fence the Defence Budget

We would ring-fence the defence budget in the same way we do for NHS or Overseas Aid spending, to ensure that we meet our NATO requirements of spending 2% GDP on defence.


Rebuild the Armed Forces

The British Army has fallen to 82,000 regular full-time personnel; this is its smallest size since we lost the Thirteen Colonies centuries ago. We must end the process of de-militarisation and maintain a substantial national army: we would increase its size to 180,000 and ensure soldier’s get better pay, better equipment and all-round better treatment.


Rebuild the Royal Navy

We would build an additional six Type 45 Destroyers and eight Type 26 Frigates, significantly expanding existing contracts, and ensuring that our new aircraft carriers will have adequate support at sea. We would require that these use British steel, and ensure contracts are granted to the Clydeside shipyards.


Oppose Foreign Intervention

We oppose becoming involved in any more conflicts in the Middle East, which have proven to be costly and counter-productive.


No Arms Deals with Oppressive Regimes

We would prevent any further arms deals with nations which have particularly bad records on human rights, or where there is reason to believe that the arms could be used in unjust wars, or contribute to humanitarian disasters.


End the Historical Inquiries Witch-Hunt Against British Soldiers

We would end the witch-hunt of British soldiers who served their country in Northern Ireland, Iraq and Afghanistan, and put a stop to historical enquiries which persecute our soldiers while terrorists walk free.


Enshrine the Armed Forces Covenant in Law

We would enshrine the Armed Forces Covenant in law, ensuring that servicemen and servicewomen get the treatment and support which they more than deserve, with priority for employment opportunities as well as health, housing, education and other support.