Our approach to energy is that energy security should be the first priority of any government: that is a reliable and relatively self-sufficient supply which won’t leave the nation exposed to blackouts or huge price fluctuations. Britain’s naturally abundant reserves of coal provide us with this reliable and self-sufficient source, and new clean-coal technologies would allow us to capitalise on it. Germany has built dozens of new coal-fired power stations in recent years, yet we have crippled our industry and caused huge job losses due to punitive green taxes: we believe these must be scrapped. We also support bringing our energy supply, as an essential part of the national infrastructure, back under public control. We support clean and renewable energy where financially viable, but maintain that green dogma cannot be used to threaten our energy security our force huge bills onto a population that are already struggling to make ends meet.

A British Energy Commission

We would establish a British Energy Commission for the national coordination of energy sources and to ensure the security of energy generation and transmission across the UK.


Energy Sovereignty

We believe that the security of our energy supply should be the government’s top energy priority, especially given the reliance of our supply on countries like Russia and China. With the UK’s capacity margin halved since just 2012 and the risk of blackouts becoming very real, we would ensure that Britain’s plentiful fossil fuel resources are used to provide energy security until research and development makes other sources more viable.


Repeal the 2008 Climate Change Act

This act, which sought to drastically cut Britain’s carbon footprint, has drastically raised energy costs, which could cost £300 billion by 2030. We would repeal it in full, and seek to promote clean and renewable energy when viable without the restrictions of this act.


Re-establish Central Electricity Generating Board

We currently provide over £6 billion a year to subsidise the ‘big six’ energy providers, yet the funds only seem to go to their private profit. We would abolish this subsidy and use these funds to create a publicly-owned electricity provider to provide affordable, reliable energy.


Re-nationalise National Grid

It is extraordinary that such a vital piece of national infrastructure, as the very means of energy transmission, could be sold to a foreign government, as happened last year. We would take back control of the National Grid under public ownership; its £3 billion annual profit would pay for its purchase over the lifetime of just two parliaments.


Re-introduce Coal Power Stations

Other western countries like Germany have built dozens of coal power stations in recent years, and in most of the Western world coal continues to play an important role in energy strategy. It provides a reliable source of short to medium-term energy, and should not continue to be crippled by green taxes which set prices at 5x their market value.


Re-establish British Nuclear Fuels

Nuclear power provides a more sustainable long term alternative to fossil fuels such as coal, and supplies for example almost three-quarter of energy in France. As the farce of Hinkley Point C shows, we need to redevelop our own nuclear technologies and cease reliance upon foreign oversight. We propose an initial ten years of concentrated research and development prior to the roll out of nuclear power plants to reduce reliance on fossil fuels.


Abolish Renewable Energy Tax & Subsidies

We would end taxpayer-funded subsidies to financially unsustainable wind, wave and solar power projects. Instead, we would grant tax breaks to these projects when they are independently financially viable.


Slash Fuel Duty

With green taxes now costing over £1,600 per household, we would slash fuel duty by 10%, bringing big savings to ordinary households across the UK.


Local Environmentalism

The only way to seriously reduce our ‘carbon footprint’ is through economic reform that challenges globalisation and huge economies of scale that require constant massive transportation of goods. We believe in small business, local production and a more intimate and self-sufficient economy like we had in the recent past. Promoting this through our economic policies would lead to a significant natural reduction in fuel usage.


Protect & Expand Green Belt Areas

We would ensure more is done to protect the shrinking green spaces between growing urban areas, and protect more green land from urban expansion.


Promote Local Supply Chains

Tax breaks for businesses which sell locally-sourced produce would help foster a more localised and environmentally friendly economic model focused on small, local businesses. We would grant a certificate to businesses which source the majority of their stock locally, which slashes their corporation tax rate by half.