Immigration is an issue on which the political class are particularly out of touch with the ordinary people. The policy of mass immigration which has been in place since the 60s has had a dramatic impact upon the country, and had some clearly negative effects that have hit working-class communities particularly hard. Immigration figures are now consistently hitting record figures year on year, with more than the population of Glasgow now entering every twelve months. It is clear that a more sustainable approach is needed; one that listens to the concerns of ordinary people who have been ignored by politicians for so long.

Zero Net Migration

As immigration rates spiral out of control, reaching a record 700,000 under Theresa May as Home Secretary last year, we will listen to the real concerns of ordinary people and put an end to these radical and unparalleled figures, implementing a policy of zero net migration each year.


Moratorium on Immigration from Unskilled Workers

While skilled workers can make a contribution to the UK economy, there is no need whatsoever for unskilled immigration at this time, and we would therefore introduce a moratorium on unskilled immigration for at least the duration of the next parliament.


Create a Proper Border Force

We would ensure effective control of our borders by bolstering our struggling border staff, tripling their number to 24,000 and protecting the UK Border Force from cuts. Create a proper fleet for the Border Force by building sixteen new cutters (there are currently just ten) and thirty new patrol vessels.


Clear Back-Log of Asylum Seekers

With the government currently only clearing 12,000 asylum cases out of a backlog of over 400,000, we would ensure this backlog is cleared through our significant investment in the UK Border Force.


Respect the 1951 Convention on Refugees

This convention stipulates that refugees must seek asylum in the first safe country they reach. With many safe countries between Britain and the Middle-East, we support the full application of this principle, under which refugees in Britain would not gain an automatic legal right to asylum.


Tougher Penalties for Employing Illegal Immigrants

We would toughen laws against employers who knowingly employ illegal immigrants, increase the maximum prison sentence from six months to two years.