A clean exit from the European Union and all of its institutions is absolutely necessary if we are to restore our national sovereignty and take back decision making powers from bureaucrats in Brussels. We support a clean exit which will take us out the EU, the Single Market, the Customs Union, the European Court of Justice, the European Convention on Human Rights and all of the mechanisms of the EU. It is clear that the Labour or Conservative parties cannot be trusted to take Britain out of the EU in any meaningful way.

Leave the EU, Single Market & Customs Union

We support Britain’s full exit from the European Union, the Single Market and the Customs Union, to be applied uniformly across the whole UK.


Repeal the European Communities Act 1972

We believe that the legislative process of leaving the European Union should be initiated through the immediate repeal by parliament of the European Communities Act 1972, rather than going through the EU's convoluted Article 50 process. Our future relationship with Europe can then be negotiated from this basis where our laws are our own.


Leave the European Court of Justice’s Jurisdiction

We oppose remaining under the jurisdiction of the ECJ, and it is entirely unnecessary to remain under it if we do indeed leave both the EU and Single Market. We oppose government plans to remain within it for years beyond even the transition period.


Leave the European Convention on Human Rights

We believe that the UK should maintain human rights through its own laws and uphold them through its own judges. We oppose government plans to remain within it for years beyond even the transition period.


Protectionism for British Industries

We recognise that the Brexit vote was a rejection of the excesses of globalisation, and for a restoration of meaningful national borders; we are therefore wary of the language of a “global Britain” coming from many in the pro-Leave camp, and its emphasis on deals to create porous borders with the developing world. We support sensible regulation of the movement of goods, services and capital as well as people across our borders, through tariffs and other protectionist measures to protect British manufacturers.


Regain Our Seat at the World Trade Organisation

We would take the power to represent ourselves at the WTO upon leaving the EU, and win the ability to negotiate our own trade deals with other WTO members.


Trade on WTO Terms with Europe

Although a great deal has been made about the importance of free trade with Europe, as a net importer Britain would actually benefit from the implementation of small tariffs on European goods by trading on World Trade Organisation terms. We therefore support trading with European countries on WTO terms rather than seeking further trade and harmonisation deals.


Build Select Global Trade Ties

Having left the binding EU Custom’s Union, we would use our new freedom to pursue trade deals with the wider world on a case by case basis, focusing on similarly developed countries with which we share strong historical ties, rather than developing countries which would damage our industry with price competition.


CANZUK Trade & Movement

Canada, Australia and New Zealand are nations with which share similar levels of economic development to Britain and strong historical ties. We would prioritise them as trade partners and on other matters such as visa applications, promoting trade and movement throughout the ‘CANZUK’ countries.


Rights of EU Nationals

Around 85% of EU nationals in the UK already have the guaranteed right to stay post-Brexit due to being resident for five years already or meeting other criteria. We do not believe that additional guarantees are necessary, or that temporary economic migrants should have the automatic right to permanently remain.