Our constitutional platform is based on our core principles of parliamentary union, parliamentary democracy and parliamentary sovereignty. These principles were all enshrined in the Union of 1707 which first brought the United Kingdom into being. For three hundred years these principles provided the bedrock of our democracy and our unitary constitution, but they have been ripped apart by the balkanisation of the UK through the devolution process, our descent into rule through referendum and the capitulation of our sovereignty to the EU. Our constitutional values are based on a restoration of traditional Unionist principles: of a sovereign British parliament to provide common representation for a truly United Kingdom.

Parliamentary Union

We would guarantee equal rights and representation for all citizens across the UK through full parliamentary union expressed in our national parliament.


Parliamentary Democracy

We believe that democracy should be conducted through a sovereign national parliament, and oppose any more referendums.


Repeal Legislative Devolution

We would replace the Scottish, Welsh, Northern Irish and London assemblies with genuine devolution to local government and a restoration of powers to our common British parliament.


Restore the Scottish, Welsh and Norther Ireland Offices

In repealing the devolved assemblies, we would revive the Scottish, Welsh and Northern Ireland Offices to their pre-devolution status. This would make sure that the administration of a wide range of powers including health and education remain decentralised and stay with each of these parts of the UK.


British Votes for British Laws

English Votes for English Laws stripped British MPs from each of the constituent parts of basic voting rights at parliament. Since its purpose would be defunct with the repeal of legislative devolution, we would scrap EVEL and restore common powers for all British MPs.


Restore Pre-Devolution MPs

We would increase the number of Scottish MPs at Westminster from 59 to 72, giving Scots a stronger voice at their British parliament, and restoring the number of seats which had been reduced because of the creation of the Scottish parliament, which we would abolish.


Protect our Voting System

We will oppose any plans to replace our ‘First Past the Post’ voting system with continental models of Proportional Representation, which would leave us with endless coalition government by the major parties and end effective parliamentary opposition.


Repeal the Fixed Term Parliaments Act

We support returning to the flexibility of parliaments which are bound only by maximum length terms rather than arbitrary set dates, and restoring the role of royal prerogative in the dissolution of parliament.


Fair Preparation for Snap Elections

To ensure non-governing parties have adequate time to prepare for elections called before the natural end of a parliament, we propose increasing the period between the dissolution of parliament and the election from 25 to 40 working days. This would ensure that snap elections cannot be abused by governing parties.


House of Lords Reform

We would scale down the House of Lords from its current size of 800 peers down to 400, which is the amount that it can hold in any one sitting and is closer to its historical size. Expenses would be abolished entirely, stopping the gravy train while preserving this important British institution.


Overseas Territory Representation

We would introduce an MP to the House of Lords for each of the ten British overseas territories with substantial permanent populations. This practise is already used in other countries such as France, and would boost ties with distant but strategically important areas such as Gibraltar and the Falklands.


Abolish the Supreme Court

We would abolish the Supreme Court, which was an attempt to Americanise our parliamentary system and create an artificial separation of powers. We would restore the Law Lords and the role of the House of Lords as the highest court of appeal in the UK.