There has been a gradual erosion of our civil liberties and our privacy, due to a mixture of ideological forces and technological advancement. A 'culture of offence' has developed and become wrapped up in the nanny-state approach to enforcing the new politically correct code. People are now being criminalised simply for exercising their free speech. Alongside other phenomena such as mass online data collection and issues such as ID cards which continue to be debated, these things represent a serious threat to our traditional liberties. If we do not actively maintain our liberties, then we will lose them.

Protect Free Speech

We would protect the right to free speech, including the right to say things that are not politically correct and that might offend others. We would scrap many pieces of legislation which have chipped away at this fundamental liberty over recent years.


No ‘Equality Oath’

We will oppose plans to introduce an ‘Equality Oath’, often very misleadingly dubbed a ‘British values oath’, that all holders of public office would be forced to swear to, since it clearly violates our basic freedom of conscience.


Right to Self-Defence

We would re-balance the law to give much greater protection to those who are defending themselves, their property or their homes. In a free society people must never be criminalised for self-defence.


Opt out of the European Arrest Warrant

We oppose plans to keep Britain in the European Arrest Warrant scheme even after we leave the EU. The warrant has been expanded beyond its original purpose as anti-terrorist legislation to now cover a broad range of convictions, and we must opt out of it in full following our exit from the EU.


Protect Against Private Firms Being Given Powers of Arrest

We will oppose the transfer of powers of arrest or any other policing responsibilities to private firms. To grant such power to global security giants like G4S and place law enforcement in the hands of corporations is totally unacceptable.


No ID Cards

We would oppose any moves to introduce ID cards that were thankfully repealed after being legislated for in 2006. While there are issues with voter fraud and illegal immigration that need addressed, the way to do this is through proper border security and not through the imposition of a new identity card on all British citizens, that could potentially grant the government significant powers of surveillance over our everyday lives.


Tackle the Online Culture of 'Mass Data'

We would oppose the culture of mass data collection that has resulted in personal details being hoarded by private companies, chiefly by collecting them online. We need much tighter regulations to protect personal privacy and challenge the culture of routine mass data collection.