These are a number of small and varying suggestions to help promote a sense of unity throughout the UK in the political and cultural spheres. These are simple, sometimes seemingly superficial things that could nonetheless serve as visible and institutional reinforcements of the common purpose that is shared by all UK citizens, whether they live in Scotland, England, Wales or Northern Ireland.

A Ministry of State for the Union

We support the creation of a dedicated Union Office at Whitehall, hosting a Minister for the Union whose task would be to foster cooperation and integration between the different parts of the UK.


A British Central Bank

We suggest renaming the Bank of England to the British Central Bank, since the Bank of England is already effectively a national central bank for the whole UK, and its name is now just a rather misleading historical hangover.


UK-Wide Legal Tender Bank Notes

We would facilitate trade and exchange across the UK by immediately making Bank of England banknotes, the banknotes of private Scottish and Northern Irish banks, and the banknotes of Crown Dependencies officially legal tender throughout the UK.


Build Two Hospital Ships

The creation of two hospital ships would help Britain to play a positive role in the international world, without having to worry about money being misspent as it often is with other forms of foreign aid.


Fly the Union Flag from all Government Buildings

A very simple way to visually represent that fact that we are all part of a UK whole would be to fly the Union Flag from all government buildings, whether national, devolved or local. Government bodies could have the option to fly another local or national flag alongside it.


Fly Each Saint’s Flag on their Saints Day

A very simple and symbolic way to promote a sense of UK unity would be to fly the flag of particular saints on their saints day across the whole UK.


A Patron Saint for Britain

St. Aidan would be an ideal candidate for Britain’s patron saint: born in Ireland, educated in Scotland and based for much of his life in England, he served in an early church that operated freely across the British Isles. He is celebrated on August 31st in church calendars, which could become a national bank holiday.


Bring Back the Blue Passport

People still look back with affection on the old blue passports, which we lost upon entry into the EU. We support bringing the blue passport back as a symbol of our sovereignty.


Bring Back the Historical Scottish Regiments

The Scottish Regiments are filled with history, and the Armed Forces have always served as a focal point of our common Britishness. We support restoring the historical Scottish Regiments with all their proud history.


Teach More British History in Schools

Ever since teaching was devolved, the British aspect of our history has been neglected in schools; in England is has been neglected for PC and other reasons. We support a more balanced curriculum that reflects our common British history. We would also ensure the history of Union is taught in schools, including events such as the union of the crowns in 1603 and the union of the parliaments in 1707.


A New Commonwealth Royal Yacht

We support reviving plans for a new royal yacht that were shelved by the Blair government in the 90s, and suggest that it be embarked upon as a Commonwealth project, with costs being shared amongst the Commonwealth nations.


A British Cup

We used to have several short cup competitions between the top clubs from across the UK, such as the British League Cup, the Empire Exhibition Trophy, the Coronation Cup, the Texaco Cup and the Anglo-Scottish Cup. We propose reviving something similar to reintroduce a British dimension to football.


Build a Commonwealth Museum in the Four Capitals

A Commonwealth Museum in Belfast, Edinburgh or Glasgow, Cardiff and an English city would provide both education and an opportunity to reflect on the world-wide importance of our shared British heritage.