Ever since Roy Jenkins and a cross-party cabal of MPs ushered in the Cultural Revolution in the late 60s, our society has changed beyond recognition and its foundations are now in many ways collapsing. Family and community breakdown, nationalised childcare, mass divorce, mass isolation amongst an abandoned elderly population and mass abortion (now 8.5 million, a total equivalent to over 10% of the current UK population have been aborted since the Abortion Act 1967) are some of the cruel consequences of the crusade against the family that the political class in this country chose to embark upon. We will offer a real challenge to this by standing up for traditional, pro-family values that respect the role of the family as the bedrock of a free, independent and prosperous society.

Make Marriage Tax Allowance Fully Transferable

We recognise the family, not just the individual, as the vital and most basic social unit, and we would reflect that in the tax system by allowing one partner to transfer their tax allowance to the other, which would in practise free many young mothers from demoralising low-pay work and high childcare costs, and let them spend more time with their children. A reduction in dual-income households would also free up jobs for the unemployed.


Marriage Support Grant

We would introduce a £2,000 grant of for all couples where both partners are entering into their first marriage, to help them settle down and establish a family unit.


Scrap the Named Person Scheme

We would scrap this totalitarian piece of legislation, which brings unwanted state interference into private family life.


Keep Sunday Special

We would introduce a new UK-wide Sunday Trading Act to extend existing laws, limiting large stores (3,000 sq ft+) to four hours trading time, giving a significant one-day sales advantage to smaller businesses, while retaining current exemptions such as pharmacies and service stations.


Abortion Law Reform

We would end the use of mass abortion as a means of birth control by repealing the 1967 Abortion Act and later its later adjustments. By repealing this act, we would end the hundreds of thousands of abortions carried out each year on social grounds. This would not affect earlier legal precedents such as Rex v Bourne (1938) which allowed abortion to protect the mother’s life, if the child would be severely mentally or physically handicapped, or in cases of pregnancy as a result of crime such as rape or incest.


Divorce Law Reform to Strengthen Marriage

We would reinforce the institution of marriage, an important foundation of society, and end the practise of ‘no fault’ divorce, introduced in 1969, which essentially made marriage vows meaningless, and destroyed its role as a source of social stability. Divorce on legitimate grounds such as adultery, cruelty or unreasonable behaviour would be unaffected.


Improved Support & Counselling for Married Couples

We would take the £40 million saved from scrapping the Named Person Scheme, which would have harmed families and stolen their privacy and authority, and invest that money with additional funds to provide increased funding for organisations which offer counselling to married couples, offering not just relationship advice but life skills which have been lost in recent times.


Abolish the Ministry for Equalities

This ministry has little to do with equality but a lot to do with pushing controversial agendas onto the public, many of which have in effect been an assault upon the traditional family. We support its abolition.


No Equality Quotas in the Public or Private Sectors

We oppose the practice of using quotas to enforce various forms of 'equality', either in the public or private sectors. We believe that all government departments and private companies should be free to select based on merit without having to hit arbitrary targets for 'inclusion'.