We support a return to effective, local and accountable policing that puts power in the hands of local authorities and that focuses on keeping officers out and visible on the streets preventing crime, rather than sitting behind desks.

End Early Release by Default

We would end those stipulations of the Criminal Justice Act 1967 and its later adjustments which allow most prisoners to gain early release, typically having served just half of their sentence.


End Widespread 'Suspended Sentences'

We would end the widespread use of suspended sentences which was introduced through the Criminal Justice Act 1967 and became widespread as a result of the Criminal Justice Act 2003. We would ensure that proper prison sentences are applied in order to keep our streets safe and serve as a serious deterrent to criminal activity.


More Preventative Policing

We would ensure policemen have a more active and visible role on the streets, returning to a culture of preventative policing, rather than ‘fire-brigade’ policing, where police only arrive on the scene after the crime has been committed.


20,000 New Police Officers

We would provide funding for an additional 20,000 police officers, restoring the police force to its 2009 levels and reversing recent damaging cuts.


Restore Local Police Services

We would restore a culture of local and accountable policing by abolishing inefficient monoliths like Police Scotland, and transferring powers down to the council level.


Protect the British Transport Police

We would protect the BTP from the SNP’s ideologically-motivated attempts to merge it into Police Scotland.


Scrap Police and Crime Commissioners

These have been marred with controversy and scandal since they were introduced in 2012, and the turnout for elections is so low it is farcical. We would scrap police and crime commissioners and give power back to local police authorities.


Bring Back Police Houses

We would forbid the sale of the small amount of police houses that still remain in use, and build new dedicated houses to provide subsidised housing for police officers. We need to look after our police force like we used to and tackle the recruitment crisis.


Bring Back All Prisons Under State Control

We would bring back all prisons under full state control and prohibit any privatisation of the prison service. We must not allow ourselves to develop an American-style prison industry with mass incarceration fuelled by private profit.


Restore Order in Prisons

We believe that prisons should be run by officers and not offenders, and would introduce measures to restore control in our prisons, clamping down on offences within our jails.


Restorative Justice

We would place a greater emphasis on restorative justice, increase the use of financial penalties so that perpetrators to pay back victims for damage to property, or pay back communities through community orders.