How to Leave the EU: The Fundamentals of Brexit

February 27, 2018


There are a number of fundamentals that are essential to our exit from the European Union if we are to truly leave that organisation and all of its mechanisms. We must leave the Single Market; we must leave the Customs Union; we must regain full control of our borders; we must cease payments to Brussels; we must leave the jurisdiction of the European Court of Justice and the European Court of Human Rights. To fail to do these things would be to fail to truly leave the EU.


But there are two points even more fundamental than all these matters to a successful and full exit. These two points, once central to the movement to reclaim Britain's sovereignty, have apparently been long forgotten, but by chance this author was reminded of the importance they once held when an old election advert was brought to his attention.


In the UKIP General Election broadcast shown below, aired on 21st April 1997, their founder Alan Sked  states clearly what needs to be done for Britain to withdraw from the EU. The relevant section can be found at 3 minutes 45 seconds into the video:



Sked states:


"...the only way forward for Britain is to withdraw from the European Union. To do that, we need a majority of UKIP members of parliament with a full range of policies to regenerate Britain. We already have these policies, we are not a one issue party, but a potential party of government..."


These two fundamental truths: that to leave the EU we must elect a majority of anti-EU MPs, and that to govern during our exit they must stand on a broad manifesto as a potential party of government, have been utterly lost in recent years.


As it becomes increasingly clear that the current government has no intention of fully taking us out of the EU and all of its mechanisms, it is time for those who support a free and sovereign Britain to return to these fundamental principles.


The 2016 referendum was launched by the overwhelmingly pro-EU Cameron government for a reason: it divorced the issue of Europe from the 2015 General Election, prevented UKIP from electing a host of pro-Brexit MPs to Westminster and ultimately led to UKIP's electoral oblivion when the referendum had killed off the issue in the popular imagination. The referendum has ensured that an overwhelmingly pro-EU parliament at Westminster is in charge of the 'Brexit' process; little wonder that the people now clearly see we are being sold out with dodgy transition deals and messy 'half-in, half-out' arrangements.


To truly leave the EU, we must elect a parliament at Westminster with the will to do so; one committed to a broad manifesto of national restoration that will have the capacity to govern while undertaking the process of our exit from Europe. We must never again allow an issue as fundamental as Britain's sovereignty to be sidelined from a General Election through the referendum device.


We've been sold out for far too long: now is the time for us to put all our efforts into electing a parliament that reflects the views of the majority of this country who support our exit from the EU. Until we do this, the political class will continue to sell us out.





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