Small 'c' Conservatism is the New Counter Culture

July 7, 2019


People young and old are looking for new alternatives as the three-party, Lib-Lab-Con establishment begins to crumble. Social, cultural, traditional conservatism has replaced progressive liberalism and Marxist-style socialism as the new counter-culture.


Conservatism seeks to defend and espouse British culture, values and traditions. Conservatism unashamedly supports, safeguards and defends unique British institutions like the Monarchy, the House of Commons, the House of Lords and the NHS.


Conservatives believe in personal responsibility, minimal government interference  in private life, individual liberty, strong national defence and borders, Law & Order, and property rights. Traditionally conservatives believe that the role of the government should be to provide people with the freedom to pursue their own goals.


The non-classical, progressive liberals and the politically correct socialists have been extremely busy indulging in student union-style smear politics, fervently opposing the democratic mandate of the British people, degrading and destroying the UK education system and are generally anti-British in attitude and support further 'European Integration' coupled with more sovereign powers being transferred to the European Union. The British public are waking up to the fact that the likes of Jeremy Corbyn and Vince Cable do not respect the democratic process or people that desire or believe in a vision that differs from their own.


Conservatism without the big 'C' and the likes of Liberal Tory's such as David Cameron, Theresa May and Rory Stewart is a very attractive prospect to the British people. The Conservative Party is a conservative in name only.


The modern-day liberal-left alliance is united in trying to control what people can and cannot say, far from being fair and tolerant as they pretend to be, they are intolerant, ignorant and divisive.


The modern-day conservative, on the other hand, tends not to trust the motives of the government, has a burning desire for national sovereignty, and a steadfast belief in the freedom of speech, expression, demonstration and press. The social, economic and culturally benefits of conservatism compared speak for themselves when you compare the continents of North America and South America or the countries of North and South Korea.


The modern left and liberals are becoming more and more fanatical and instinctively or objectively people young and old will look for other political philosophies to fill the void.





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