United We Stand

October 25, 2019


As Unionists our defining belief is the integral unity of our country. Whichever part of the UK we come from, we are all British and we must always stand together as such.


This needs to be said now because there is too much finger-pointing amidst the controversy over Johnson's deal. As a party we stand fully behind the Unionist community of Northern Ireland. They are absolutely right to be very concerned with any so-called 'Brexit' deal which creates an internal border that economically separates Northern Ireland from the rest of the UK. Such a deal should indeed be strongly criticised and opposed, and we do so as a party.


However what is not right is blaming entire parts of the country for this dangerous deal. Only Boris Johnson and those MPs who backed him are to blame for this betrayal of Northern Ireland: it is entirely wrong to blame all of England or to suggest that 'Brexit' is somehow an English nationalist project (a majority of Welsh people, over 1 million Scots or 2 out of 5 who voted, and most unionist constituencies in Northern Ireland voted to Leave in 2016).


Equally it is entirely and utterly wrong for those who support Johnson's deal to start finger-pointing at the whole of Northern Ireland and attacking them for opposing the deal. At no point in any referendum or General Election did anybody vote for a border down the Irish Sea - that is an invention of Johnson and his fellow MPs, and they should be the focus of criticism on this point - along with Varadkar, Bercow, the EU bureaucrats and all MPs who have frustrated Britain's exit from the EU.


We must never lose sight of the fact that there are huge numbers of people from all parts of the UK: England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, who care deeply for the unity of our country; indeed thousands who served in Northern Ireland itself to protect law-abiding citizens from the terror of the IRA.


We are Stronger United - Divided We Fall.

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