Boris Johnson Becomes Prime Minister: Our Statement

July 25, 2019


The Lib Dems, SNP, Labour and all the usual suspects have begun their predictable campaign of feigned outrage against the appointment of Boris Johnson as Prime Minister.


Despite their ludicrous "not my Prime Minister" campaign, Boris Johnson has been appointed to the position through the proper democratic process. We do not have a presidential system and so the Prime Minister is chosen from amongst his elected peers in parliament to be first among them. This is entirely proper and democratic.


His mandate is that of the 2017 Conservative Party manifesto, which includes a commitment to leave the EU with no deal should it be preferable to any deal the EU is prepared to negotiate.


As of June 2017 this is the mandate given by the British people, and stands until a new one is sought through a General Election. We do not endorse the policies of the mainstream parties (although we do support a full EU exit), but despite what Jo Swinson or Nicola Sturgeon may say, Boris Johnson is indeed our Prime Minister and has a clear mandate from the British people.


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