Give it a rest, Nicola

July 1, 2019



The latest stunt by Sturgeon's SNP administration at Holyrood is a citizens' assembly to discuss constitutional issues like Brexit and Scottish "independence". This is nothing but a distraction for the SNP, who would rather resurrect old debates about independence than face their failing record after over a decade in power at Holyrood.


From education, to the NHS, to Police Scotland and welfare reform, the SNP's track record is one of failed targets and broken promises. They have let down the Scottish people they are supposed to represent, yet continually shift blame to Westminster rather than face up to their own failings.


This citizens' assembly is just the latest attempt to deflect debate from the SNP's record in government, and focus instead on divisions over constitutional issues. Sturgeon knows fine well that a devolved assembly like Holyrood has no right or mandate in the first place to begin wading into issues like Brexit or the Union.


The last thing Scotland needs is another divisive, unwanted independence referendum. What we really need is to maintain the Union, get out the EU and rebuild our country. That's what Union & Sovereignty stand for - join today if you agree.





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